Idioms…. why, oh why???

We are working, once again in our homeschool, on idioms because they are HARD for kids who are literal and kids who didn’t learn English as their first language! When you grown up learning idioms, the meaning is ALL you ever think about unless you have a child who takes them literally and then you realize just how ridiculous they are when taken as fact! Here are a few gross-me-out and impossible examples:

I killed two birds with one stone! (That’s not nice!)

Eat your heart out! (Ewwww. Just ewwww.)

Pay through the nose. (Gross….. ewwwww.)

Beat around the bush. (Beat what? Are you winning a race or using a club?)

She was in your face! (Howwww? I’m the only one in my face.)

You are wet behind your ears. (First, how do you know? Second, no, I’m not!)

Shooting the breeze. (Why???)

He has a cast iron stomach. (Ouch! Did he swallow it?)

I have cold feet! (Then put on your slippers!)

Actions speak louder than words. (No, they don’t…..)

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. (Of course not!)

Don’t bury your head in the sand. (Who would think of that?)

Keep your nose clean! (Why just your nose?)

I love you warts and all! (Isn’t there white medicine for warts?)

This is a piece of cake! (No. This is math.)

It was clear as mud. (WHAT?)

All of these idoms are clear as mud!!!

God bless all those who love learning new things!




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