Who is Rixgal?


Linda Ann is my name and typing is my game. Phoenix is where I live, and have since 1997. My husband, Rickey, and my two children (at that time a 4 month old and a three year old) moved from the great white north in Canada to live in the valley of the sun. Since arriving in the desert, we had another son and adopted another daughter… final score: four! I am a SAHM and teach my kids here at the homestead. Three are done homeschooling and successfully contributing to society. I write, sometimes even for pennies and nickels. I speak, for the fun of it. I watercolor, for the therapeutic aspects only. I worship at a small local church where living for Christ is an adventure. I garden when the temperatures are not in the one hundred-teens or more. I read, at least at a 6th grade level, well, last time I was tested.  And now, I blog.

One Response to “Who is Rixgal?”

  1. Gerald Landis Says:

    I was looking for ideas for little boys on theme my son the genius and came across the

    Bo Gonzalez has a post on his website about similar my son the genius! He is from the Philippines!

    The Spanish meeting, Asamblea Biblica, has three little boys and I am thinking of ways to encourage them and their parents!

    Your post was interesting!

    My only hint is little boys or most boys like cars, trucks and buses!

    By the way my nephew and his children live in Phoenix!

    Also like We See Jesus or Orarefando
    (Gold refined website and calendars
    from Phoenix).

    How do you encourage parents to teach their children to be Biliterate in dual languages .. ? as spanish and English ?? Being able to read write speak and teach or preach in dual languages?

    It is not enough to be bilingual these days and be able to talk to grandmother in spanish ..

    Our Spanish meeting is similar to the spanish gospel hall in Phoenix but a wee bit different ..

    Hope you have a nice day!

    Uncle Jerry Tio Jerry, Apopka, Florida

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