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Checking In with Mom

June 7, 2011

My fourteen-year-old son called home from camp tonight.  It surprised me.  He started by saying, “I thought I’d call you………….  ”   and then I asked questions for five minutes.   Is the place nice?  How’s the food?  Who are you rooming with?  Are there girls on your team?  When do you come home?   Then there was a 20 second pause and he asked if dad was home.  Nice.  Yeah, I love you and miss you too, son. 

This is my not-highly-emotional-or-physical son.  Physical for sports – yes.  Physical for hugs and kisses – no.  I don’t even think he writes “love” at the bottom of his cards to me.  I think they say “from”.  Nice.    Anyway, there is a sign on the fridge in CURSIVE that says, “Mom, I love you.  Thanks for taking us camping. Austin Crosby”  It totally made me laugh because it was his signature, but my husband wrote in messy cursive to make it look like Austin wrote it.    I left it there because it makes me smile.

Several years ago…. probably five years ago… this same son called home from camp.  It surprised me then too.  That time his sole purpose for calling was to make sure I put the garbage can to the road, because it was Wednesday, after all!

When he left on Sunday morning my parting words were, ‘I love you.  Be a leader.”  I expect a full report upon his return.