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Old School Music

February 15, 2009


I don’t know if other parents are battling the same thing as us, but our kids hardly know any of the old hymns of the church.  Solid hymns like Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, Blessed Assurance or Standing on the Promises.  We’ve done our best, short of torture, to get these songs of faith into them.  We bought a hymns cd that has all current artists singing the songs with slightly more upbeat rhythms than when we were kids.  We play it most Sundays on our 30 minutes drive to church.  This has been going on for maybe a year now and they actually sing along these days.

It was around 1980 when my parents bought a station wagon with tasteful wood siding that only had an eight track tape player included.  There was also a solo eight track tape…. of The Statesmen, a gospel group from the 50s??? maybe early 60s???  I’ve mentioned this on MSJ before, how my siblings and I can sing every part to every song on that entire tape.  It brings back happy memories of traveling the I5 from California to Canada each summer.  OK, I HAVE to share the names of the Statesmen…. they are hilarious…. Rosie Rozell; Jim “Big Chief” Wetherington; Jack Toney; Doy Ott and Hovie Lister.  Nope, no typos…. Rosie, Doy and Hovie….. what were those mothers thinking???  Here’s one of the songs embedded in our brains:  Not only can you hear them, but you can see their sunny faces as they hit notes as high as Hercules’ half-goat friend (remember THAT cartoon??)

My kids were getting off easy with the updated version of hymns until my husband happened on an Oakridge Boys hymns cd at Tuesday Morning.  It must have been close to free…..  anyway, he put it on in the van this morning.  None of us know any of the songs at all, so we’re all enduring bizarre harmonies together.

One song came on and the guy was seriously singing higher than I can…. REALLY high for a guy, and Rick told the kids, “Hey you guys, this is a man singing.”  No response from the back except for a couple of snickers.  A few songs later featured the bass singer from the group soloing.  Our 12 year old son said in a mockful tone, “Hey you guys, this is a girl singing.”

Why so sassy????

Long live Martin Luther and A Mighty Fortress is our God!