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We are Number ZERO!!!!

July 29, 2010

YES!  Long awaited news from our adoption agency this morning!  We topped the waitlist and our file is now being sent to the region in Colombia where Zaza is waiting for us!  Whooooo HOooooooo!  We should have a referral in 30-60 days!  With pictures… and her real name… and pictures… and sizes… and medical info… and pictures!  I’m thrilled! (to say the absolute least!)  This means we will travel in late Oct. or more likely November!  She’ll be home for Christmas!!!  Another stocking hung by the fire with care.  Another Precious Moments Christmas ornament to buy and hang on the tree!  Another little angel home for Christmas!  Another place setting at the dinner table… little size 4 panties in the wash!  Oh, I can’t believe we are so close now!  Finally, I can buy ruffles and bows again! 

I know it’s a little wierd, but my secret hope is that she will still have all her baby teeth… even at five years old.  We have missed out on so much so far, but I trust the Lord will restore what has been taken and bless all our years ahead.  At least in my heart I know that we have prayed faithfully for Zaza for the last four years.

With this great joyous news came fear and trembling too.  Oh,… my….. word!  This November it will be four long years that we have awaited Zaza’s homecoming.  But now that it is actually here, it is a little frightening!  So much to do!  So much to do!  My mind will have a hard time focussing on anything else now for the next four months!