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“As it happened….”

November 20, 2010

(Thank you, Jane)  As it happened…. we read the new report on the same little chunk of darlingness from Cali, Colombia.  She is healthy, happy and hearty.  The new pediatrician was favorable of the new report and helped us with where to go from here.  Her final statement to me was, “Make your decision and wait for your miracle!”  Oh, I loved that… almost as much as “As it happened” which means God has been Jehova Sneeky again.  Always working on our behalf, knowing what’s best for us and our family…. beyond what we can imagine or think.

We accepted the referral for Nora, but she has asked us to change her name….. but we don’t know if she means her first name, or middle name or last name.  So we don’t really know what to call her at this point.  “Zaza” still pops out because a nickname of 3 years….. sticks.

We were at peace with the decision and figured we would travel to get her on Jan. 15th when the Colombian courts open again.  But NO!  We are traveling THIS Thursday… yes, Thanksgiving Day, to go get our little girl.  I’m in shock.  Real life shock where you have to take a nap because you can’t figure out what to do first.

A friend of mine showed up today with her notepad.  She said she would decorate our house for Christmas while we’re away and she needed instructions.  She also is going to pick up my newspapers and keep my coupons up to date while I’m gone.  This is a true friend!  Another friend showed up with huge cookies.  That’s a true friend too.  Meet the basic needs in times of stress.

AHHHHHHH! We leave in five days!  So, I’m re-doing Nora’s scrapbook, since the original photos are outdated.  I ran and got my hair cut and colored, since we need to take a close-up photo of Rick and I and we’re not supposed to change our hair before we meet Nora on FRIDAY!  She is attaching to this photo on Monday!  My wise-cracker of a daughter looked at me yesterday in the height of excitement and frazzledness…. bed head, no make-up and sweats… and said, “We should probably take your picture like this since this is more likely what she will see every day.”  Very funny.  Very true.  But not going to happen.

OK, I’m off to count suitcases and see if my boys have pants that fit them.  Prayers for peace to reign in our home would be much appreciated.

A Copy and Paste Blog from Kelly

November 8, 2009

Kelly is my blog sister who lives in Tennessee and is also adopting from Colombia with Gladney Center for Adoption.  We both decorated our little Colombian princesses’ rooms in mariposas de la lavanda (lavender butterflies)!  Her blog this past week could have been written from my heart as much as it was from hers.  So here is Kelly’s post that says exactly how I’m feeling too:

We’d Love a Referral in November–It Is National Adoption Month =)

I love talking about our adoption journey. I’m happy to share how God has called us to adopt. November is National Adoption Month, but even if it wasn’t I’d still be telling our story.I love how God has put this love in my heart for a little girl that I don’t even know anything about. I don’t know how old she is, what she looks like, where she is exactly (maybe she is @ Chiquitines, but maybe she’s not there yet). She may not even be born yet, but still I love her.
**(Zaza is born already, but we don’t know what region she is in.)
I love hearing the boys pray for their little sister. There isn’t much that is sweeter, if you ask this momma =) 

There are so many things that are hard to explain to people, when I’m trying to share our story. I have learned though, that some people just don’t get “it.” Countless times I have been asked why we are going to Colombia, and why we are not adopting here @ “home.” Really people just don’t get “it.” I am thankful that God has made it clear to us, that our daughter is in Colombia. Now, I just have to be patient & wait for the details of the rest of our journey. We know that we will not be traveling in 2009, because the courts in Colombia close Dec. 15th to Jan. 15th. There is still a possibility that we will get our referral this year & then we would travel when the courts opened in January. This is our prayer. Have I ever told ya’ll how hard waiting is? =)



Four More Days (but who’s counting?)

May 18, 2009

around the house boys 004

We are in the final stretch here at L.A.K.E. Academy, Crosby’s homeschool for exceptional children.  L.A.K.are the initials of our first three children…. (Larisa, Austin and Keeve) and our adopted daughter’s name better start with an E or it will throw off the whole acronym.  If not, oh well.  It would also fit right in with what we’ve got goin’ on with birthdays if her special day is in either August or December.  We already have Sep. , Oct. and Nov.  AND if she didn’t like pickles and loved Chinese Chicken Salad, she’s gonna be real happy here.  I probably should have put dance-off pictures into her Introduction Photo Album, so she knows what’s coming.  But that might be scary… pictures of people dancing always look strange.  No matter what her name, her likes/dislikes, her bday, WE CAN’T WAIT for her to get home.

Our family calendar is always stuffed to the gills with drama, church, hockey, scrapbooking, etc., but it is oddly blank this July and August.  School starts for Larisa on Aug. 20th, but other than that, we are WIDE open for traveling to Colombia!  My speaking trips don’t pick up again until mid-Sept. and Rick actually has enough holiday time saved for 5 weeks!  In my little mind, July and August would be PERFECT…. leaving Phoenix at the hottest time and spending time in much cooler Bogota.  Ahhhhh.  But, we will rejoice and be glad no matter God’s timing in bringing Zaza home.  Just hurry up, for Pete’s sake.  And our sake.

I pulled out the International Adoption book again to give myself a refresher on traveling.  It’s much easier the second time through as everything is highlighted.  This book has ALL the answers… and if not, it tells you where to look to find the answers.  There are several Colombian adoption stories told which make ours seem more visible somehow.  And my Colombian travel guide is my current bathroom reading book.  So much to know!

Blog buddy, Kelly, at found out their little GG (God’s Gift) is in Cali.  I’m thrilled for them.  They are also awaiting a referral, but have been assigned to a Casa Privada, private adoption home.  I would LOVE to know what region we will be going to.  There are so many unknowns at this point. 

Thankfully for Rick, I don’t know Zaza’s size or I would have filled the dresser and closet long ago.  I look at the frilly, little “birthday cake” dresses and have to refrain because we have no clue of Zaza’s size.  Oh, but when I find out…… look out!  I might even bring Grandma to help me shop!  And Larisa!  And Auntie Julie!  And cousin Whitney!  I found this darling little brown and pink bling bling t-shirt once and Larisa told me, “Don’t buy it mom.  If you do then Zaza will be chubby and it will be too small.”  So that is our family joke when we are in the girl’s department!  “Don’t!  She’ll be chubby!”  Not that it matters, but you know us…. code phrases for everything that throw us into fits of laughter.

Abiding the Adoption Wait-time

July 6, 2008

Zaza could look like this lil’ darlin’.

Tomorrow is officially the start of our sixth month of being waiting parents for our little Colombian daughter.  Adoption is a weird deal.  It messes with your emotions.  You get hooked on the idea and you cannot stop the daydreaming about your child that you haven’t met. 

There were several little girls Zaza’s age around the house this week.  They are busy little bees. It makes me question our advanced ages for adopting a 3-5 year old.  I just keep quoting my mantra, “I was in my thirties when she was born.  I was in my thirties when she was born.”  It makes me feel like I’m youngish and ready for a pre-school age child.  DRE-E-E-E-EAM, DREAM DREAM DRE-EAM.

On nights like tonight when I’m dead-dog tired, I wonder if I will hold up like the days of old when I had my first go-around with young children.  Looking back I seemed invincible.  I handled it all so effortlessly.  I’m not feeling invincible these days. And nothing is effortless anymore.  Is it my age?  Or is it just the pre-camp counselor blues?  Did I mention DEAD-dog tired?

On a cherrier note, I cannot wait to hold Zaza in my arms and kiss her and wet her black hair with my happy tears.  I’m sure that’ll be a new deal for her… someone that is so happy to see her… overcome with joy… and crying crocodile tears.  I’m not the poker face type.  I’m more the wear-my-heart-on-my-sleeve type.  I think Zaza will appreciate it… on maybe the eighth day, or ninth. 

Mama’s coming, Zaza.  Hold on, girl!   and