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The Chips are Down, but the Bags are UP!

October 14, 2008 has some real beauties up this week, if I do say so myself.  In fact, I just did.  There is something for every gal on your Christmas list, young and old.  For those new to MSJ, this is an adoption fundraiser to bring our daughter home from Colombia.  It started as a family project and has blossomed as we found more people to call family. :o)

The bags and/or purses go up for auction on Tuesday and the highest bidder on Saturday night at 9:00 pm has a little bit more of their Christmas shopping completed.  Purses are the rage, in case you haven’t been out of the house lately.  Big bags, handy bags, cutesy bags and just plain versatile bags are IN.

BFZ has also become an addiction for many, but especially my mother.  I truly don’t know what she used to do all day long before she was designing award-winning bags… and checking the comments for every single bag dozens of times each day.  She took a sewing break last week, which we have all done in turn, but she had a difficult time knowing that she wouldn’t have as many comments to read.  Dad even put a computer in her sewing room, right next to the Singer, for easy access while stitching and ripping out and stitching the beautiful bags.  Such dedication

Seriously, how easy are we making your Christmas shopping for you?  It couldn’t get any easier.  You don’t even have to stay up on the auctions, if you choose not to.  Just pick out a dazzling Bag for Zaza for that special someone on your list, bid $175, and you will read your name up in lights on Saturday night.  It’s that easy.  (The bidding starts at $25….. shhhhhh!)

Thanks to all those who have donated fabric, trim and buttons.  Thanks to all who have bid and bid and bid, and STILL don’t have a bag.  Thanks to all of our models across North America for showcasing BFZ when you wear your bag.  Thanks to those special women who are spending their not-so-free-time sewing for Zaza.  Blessings upon you ALL!    (Only 72 shopping days until Christmas!  Don’t get caught in the MALL on the 24th!)

Just a Little BFZ Peak

August 29, 2008

Here is a sneak peak at a Lucky Jeans bag that is hitting the auction block on Monday.  Ooooh La La.

I’m not what you would call a name brand girl.  Comfort, style and quality are more my idea of a good buy.  Label schlabel.  So, when my friend Connie donated a pair of Lucky Brand jeans for, I was not aware of the quality of the donation.  Muchas gracia, mi amiga, Connie.  I am now in the know about Lucky Brand Dungarees of America.  I thought dungarees were from Australia, but no.  Waltzing Mathilda….. and the billabong tree and all.

I purchased a black pant suit for speaking about a year back.  It has a short fitted jacket and white piping on the edges.  It’s darling.  My mother, who is much more proficient at recognizing designer labels than I am, asked who made the suit.  I said I didn’t know.  But I did go to my closet and check…. to my amusement the label read, “Who’s Tracy?”  Exactly!

My sister and I bought these adorable little scrapbooks titled “All About Me!”  It’s the first of about 35 scrapbooks I’ve made that doesn’t include others.  There is one page where you are supposed to put your favorite labels.  The only ones I could think of were Jockey, Campbell’s and Reese’s.  See!?!

BFZ is Rocking the House

July 7, 2008


That’s Bags For Zaza… the sewing fundraiser my sister-in-law, Jennie, started for our adoption.  She also nicknamed our little girl Zaza for the time being.  Somehow, after all this, I think the nickname will stick.  Stick like glue.

Last week the bidding for the five bags went like gangbusters all week… right up ’til the last minute.  It was like eBay, but free on blogspot.  New bags go up on Monday morning, so go have a looksie and tell a few friends, and link the site, and write a blog about it, and bid and help bring Zaza home.

We’ve sewn until our fingers are poked and raw.  We’ve made new friends.  We’ve enviously mailed our bags to strangers new friends.  We’ve horded fabric.  We make up bag designs in our sleep.  All for Zaza.  Come and join the fun.

P.S.  I’m off to kid’s camp tomorrow morning as a Dorm Staff  (read: referee for 5 eight year old girls.)  So keep me in your prayers and I’ll be back on Friday.  Not sure if there is wireless up in the mountains. BEWARE: Rick is threatening to blog in my absence.  I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for what he writes.  :o)