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Scrapbooking “Vacation”

September 8, 2008

Sunday night I returned from four days of Scrapping in the Pines up in the mountains in Prescott, Arizona.  It’s lovely up there because it’s 20 degrees cooler than the Valley of the Sun.  PLUS, it’s no kids, no cooking, no cleaning…. just relaxing, scrapbooking, chatting, movie watching, munching and belly laughing.  Lots of belly laughing went on.

Twenty-one pages were completed in my album, which is pretty good, but nowhere near the 65+ pages like the days of old when we scrapbooked in Prescott.  Thank God we’ve relaxed a bit.  OK, A LOT.   Here are a few peaks into my family scrapbook. Sorry the pictures are not totally clear.  I’m too tired to take them out of the page protectors.  :o)

This page of Larisa is the first time I’ve used pressed-foam raised shapes that you cover with paper (the flowered ring) and paint the sides.  The effect is cool with the three-dimensional frame.  There is also bling on the flowers at the top that don’t show that well.

I simply love pictures of boys being boys.  I still need to do my journaling on the striped paper on the right, but I love the color combination on this page.  Titles I’m considering: “Hoopla”  “Just hangin’ Around” or “White Men CAN Jump.”  I’m open to voting.

You’ve possibly seen this photo on my blog with the story behind the grin… So cute!  My boy!  A friend brought up her Cricket machine, which is totally awesome!  It cuts out the letters I used here for the title.  You basically put your paper in, tell it what to cut out and whammo!  It’s done.  Pretty slick, if you ask me.

Two weeks ago I was talking to two women from our church and I mentioned Anne of Green Gables.  Neither one knew Anne with an E.  I was amazed.  Shocked.  Dismayed.  I thought everyone knew Anne with an E.  So this past weekend, while scrapping, we watched all THREE LOOOONG Anne of Green Gables movies.  It was truly a delight for our souls. (However, I still think Lucy Maud Montgomery would be flipping over in her grave if she saw the third movie in the series!  It’s missing the verbiage, scenery, flavor and sentimentality of the first two which she indeed wrote.)

There you have it.  I need to go take a nap now.

OH!  The scissors-through-the-chicken bag will be up Monday morning on Bid on a bag and help bring our daughter home from Colombia!

?#14 from My Sister’s Jar – My Mom

May 8, 2008

What is the fondest memory you have of your mom?

An appropriate question for the week leading up to Mother’s Day.  Many are the fond memories in my mind of my mother.  I can’t pinpoint just one, so here are the top ten fond memories of Grace E. Nikander, my mother of 42 years.

10.  When she donned her orange karate outift several times …. when my high school friends were over…. complete with the high kicking demonstration.  (I need to get one of those outfits because my eldest is entering high school in September.  Heh heh heh.)  The picture is from around 1982 ish.

9.  When she painted an entire scenic background for a Easter pagaent at church, complete with three crosses on Golgotha, the town of  Jerusalem, rolling hills and cactus with ladybugs on them.  Detail should be her middle name.

8.  When she would yell, “You can do it, honey!” loudly at my basketball games when the fans were quiet because I was shooting a free throw. 

7.  When I arrived home with the news that I landed a job as a legal assistant for a family law attorney, and she responded, “We’re just lucky we’re cute.”  Yeah, Ma, brains had nothin’ to do with it.  :o)

6.  When she took the time to do my hair all fancy for Japanese day in first grade and I got my picture in the town paper stirring the fried rice with chop sticks.

5.  When she pulled over on the highway and ran across traffic to retrieve the head of my pinwheel that blew off after I stuck it out the station wagon window.

4.  When she figured out how to squeal the wheels on the station wagon in the church parking lot…. again … and even again.

3.  When we were vacationing in Klamath Falls, Oregon and she suggested that we buy some pop so we could burp.  (That was TRULY uncharacteristic for my proper Canadian, tea-sipping mother.)

2.  When she made rice-a-roni and hamburger every Monday night for 5 years in a row.

1.  When she lead me in the sinner’s prayer by my bedside when I was five years old and I asked Jesus into my heart.

Thanks, Mom.  You’re the BEST.  XOXOXO