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Not According to the Plan

July 4, 2011

Yes, we were vacationing in Tahoe, when BAM! our plans took an unexpected turn.  Without clear warning I was thrust (happily, I might add) into a Curb Appeal mixed with Trading Places real life scenario.  A five bedroom home needed to be decorated so it could be a rental property… and I willingly signed up for the inexperienced decorator position.  This was like a dream come true for me…. shopping with someone else’s money and then setting up each room.  I have NEVER shopped until I’ve dropped until this last week.  We browsed, bought and brought home six Suburban loads … and let me just brag on my car packing abilities for a moment here.  When it looked like the car was full, NO!  I still squeezed in two bedside tables, two rugs and a giant lighthouse.  All my years of playing Tetris paid off big time!

Tomorrow we start our journey from California home to the sweltering heat of Arizona, and I’m sad for more than that reason alone.  I do not get the opportunity to see the finished product.  There are still two rooms to set up and carpets to unroll, but I’m hoping for pictures of the finished product.  Here are two sneak previews of rooms:

Several important concepts were learned through this decorating extravaganza that I feel compelled to share with you at this time.  #1. Buy an iPad and keep a list of what you need for each room and what you have purchased.  By the third day in the fourth TJ Maxx, we couldn’t remember how many single sheets we bought, or if we still needed neutral bath mats.  #2.  Pace yourself.  Five straight days of shopping is extremely tiring.  #3.  Always get two carts when you enter the store.  You will inevitably need them if you don’t.  #4.  An extra lamp can always be utilized.  #5.  Adding black or dark brown to each room gives it a grounded feeling.  #6.  Too much matchy matchy is too much matchy matchy. #7. Pick a color scheme for the whole house.  That way you can move items from room to room as you see fit. 

See how helpful this was for me to do this before you have to??!!??  Whew!  Now I need a vacation.

All By Myself… don’t wanna be…

May 31, 2009

All by myself

OK, it’s not true, but my kids think that I know a song for every occasion and I didn’t want to disappoint them.  Yes, I’m all by myself.  It wasn’t supposed to be like this, but ahhhhhhhh the feeling of no responsibility…. no children to feed…. no agenda… no guitar hero to listen to.  Mother’s truly enjoy the simple things in life. 

My husband went with our son Austin to the grade 5-6 trip to Disneyland.  They left today after church and get home on Tuesday night.  So it was supposed to be me, Larisa and Keeve.  Two hours before church we got the distress call that the nanny couldn’t go to Disneyland for the teacher’s two little girls, so Larisa was called in for Disneyland nanny duty.  (tough life)  So it was supposed to be me and Keeve.  But yesterday Keeve got invited to a Diamondback’s baseball game.. and for a sleepover… which turned into two sleepovers.  Whoooo Hooooo!

I’m sure you’re wondering WHAT does a mother do for 24 hours of alone time?  From church I went straight to Baja Fresh.  Nothing sings freedom like grilled mahi mahi tacos.  From there I drove to the Teacher’s Store because I had a coupon that expires today and there’s always things there that I need… like a planner for the Fall.  But, much to my sheer shock… the store is closed down!  The sign on the door said “Come visit our other stores in NM and UT.”  Whatever.

On to the 99 cent store.  (Where is the blasted cent sign on the keyboard?)  They have sunscreen so I was all about that stop.  Austin spent Friday on the lake and even though he looks like a lobster, I know he used up the entire tube of sunscreen that I sent.  You can’t beat $.99 for sunscreen.  And again, adding to my disappointment for the day… they no longer carry Sesame Oil!  Heaven forbid!  I’m going to have to pay Walmart prices now for sesame oil for Chinese Chicken Salad.  Bummer dude.

On to TJ Maxx.  This store was sadly unerstocked in every area I searched, with the exception of purses.  Their purses ROCK, but I couldn’t justify two purse purchases in the same month.  (But it’s June tomorrow!)

On to Marshall’s.  Rock on at Marshall’s.  I FOUND ZAZA’S PURPLE BUTTERFLY BEDDING….. ON CLEARANCE!  If that isn’t a miracle I don’t know what is!  Marked down from $75 to $36.  It was truly a sign from on high that she is coming home soon and it was the heaven-ordained time to purchase her butterfly bedding.  In the cart the quilt and pillow sham went.  On to clothing.  Oh my word.  They actually had 8 bras in my size that I could try on…. truly the second sign from heaven in the same store.  It almost washed away the anxiety from the teacher store closing.  THEN there were multiple pants that I also loved…  So, after trying on 19 items in the now over-heated dressing room, I had some decisions to make.

Rick’s manly voice of warning from this morning at the breakfast table came blasting through my mind, “Now don’t go all crazy buying clothes while I’m gone.”  Brother.  Like he’s tele-pathetic or something.  We all know that “All crazy” means hundreds of dollars.  And I knew with the current list of money-sucking activities in the next few weeks, Rick would not see the beautiful butterfly bedding as the sweet sign from God that I did.  I’m sure Rick could find a blanket in the linen closet that he would think was perfect for Zaza’s bed.  NOT Happening!  So, I narrowed the purchases to a pair of pants that can be converted to capris (2 fer 1) and a bra.  All necessities.  How could he argue?  (quite easily actually).

Sensing that my sugar levels were at an all time low from over-exertion in the dressing room, I refueled at Starbucks with a Double Chocolate Chip Mint frappuccino.  I counted it as dinner.  That’s a cheap dinner, even for Rick.  Then again, no it’s not.  Costco has a dog and a pop for $1.50. Anyway,  I’m home and it’s eerily quiet around here.  Maybe I’ll see if I can beat my guitar hero Hit Me With Your Best Shot score.  NAH!