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Uplifting Music

July 2, 2009

Just wanted to share with y’all (that was for LaVonna) some cool blogs that have great music.  I blast them through the house regularly to increase cleaning speed, to uplift the hearers and to replace other people’s music.  No names mentioned, but we have a few headbangers.  Their song selections makes me want to bang my head.

Here is my all time favorite:  We’ve been listening to Kelly’s choices for several months.  Kelly’s family is also adopting from Colombia.

My second all time favorite:  I don’t know these folks, but they are believers and have cute kids!  She is due with number four in a month, fully supporting church growth. haha.

My third all time favorite:  I don’t know these folks either, but they are WAY into adoption.  Awesome!  They got some rockin’ Kirk Franklin on there.  Rock on.

My fourth all time favorite:  Katie lives in Uganda and takes care of 13 or so little girls in her “home” and feeds many more!  Amazing woman of God!

OK, there you go.  Enjoy.  (Down with Disciple and Skillet!)