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Water Filter Infomercial

February 15, 2017

You either HAVE a water filter or you ARE a water filter.

We live in Phoenix, AZ, which is in the Sonoran Desert. Our sunshine state is not know for the quality of our tap water. I’ve heard that Arizona has three years worth of water stored in underground aquifers, for which I am thankful, even though it tastes horrible. So we won’t die of thirst any time soon. I think I could probably crawl out of Arizona to a neighboring state within three years if I had to.

Remember I just ordered a new water filter for the fridge that had the ice maker, the door magnets and the water dispenser fixed? Well, come to find out, my beloved Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator DID NOT HAVE A FILTER! What? I am semi-grossed out by this news.

After pulling out the fridge to inspect the backside, I discovered lots of broken glass under there. The glass used to be the lid to my most-used and well-loved soup pot. Bummer, dude. It almost looked like someone swept it there on purpose…. but I digress.

I wish I had action photos for you… but no.

Today I am feeling like a boss. With my new filter in hand, along with several attachments and no instructions, I turned to trusty youtube and learned how to splice the water line and install the water filter ALL BY MINESELF. (That’s what our eldest used to say twenty-two years ago.) After the second try, it doesn’t even leak! Feeling like a homeschooler.

My assistants, (okay, I had a little help) my two “willing” teenagers, tested the water, wrapped white sealant tape, emptied the pail and moved the fridge back in its hole. Thank you, my children. We will have yummy water and delicious ice cubes for dinner!

Need plumbing or large appliance assistance? 1-800-LindaIsABoss. BAM!

Broken Glass

July 22, 2009

broken glass 001

It would seem that we are in a current trend of breaking glass dishes on the tile floor in our kitchen.  We’ve lived in this house for four years and I think we have broken more glass items in the last month than the rest of the four years added together.  Here are just a few examples.

The night we were leaving for Lake Tahoe, my Dad came over to save me from my husband’s wrath, by bringing a back rest for Rick to use on the 14 hour drive.  Rick HAD a back rest for 20+ years, but it had seen better days.  I had already repaired and replaced the cover of said back rest.  But wear and tear had produced yet another hole in the cover and there was a chunk of the actual foam worn away too.  I’m sure it smelled horrible too, but I didn’t actually check.  No thanks.  The old, worn, tired and sad back rest ended up in the loft where I sew.  On a day when I was overwhelmed with junk piling up and projects up to my ears, I threw away the back rest.  Rick found out the night we were leaving for Tahoe.  Dad to the rescue.  All that to say, I ate a quick bowl of cereal before we were about to leave and went to hug my dad with the bowl in my hand.  Down the bowl went… and our trip was delayed for another ten minutes.

I have Fiesta dishes in my kitchen and matching salt and pepper shakers on the table for everyday use.  Twice now, one of the shakers has given the kiss of death to the beautiful brown tile.  Presently we only have pepper on the table.  I’m waiting impatiently for Fiestaware to go on sale at Kohl’s.  I even have a coupon…..

Two days ago we were gathered around the kitchen table eating ice cream while having family devotions.  Just as Austin read the first verse, Keeve’s elbow took out a glass and it shattered on the floor.  Immediately all five of us lifted our feet.  I asked, “Who has on shoes?”  No one.  We were all barefoot.  So, brave and mighty Rick (the furthest from the most glass shards) got up from the table and went to find shoes.  He came back to the table wearing shoes and announced, “Why don’t we just finish reading the Bible and then I’ll clean it up.”  We were all straining our tummy muscles to keep our feet from touching the ground… and said, “No!”  But Rick was determined to finish devotions, so we all placed our feet sideways on other chairs and continued listening about not loving the things of this world while the glass waited on the floor.

I’m hoping the trend is now over.