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Announcement Time

June 21, 2012

Before Announcement Time, let me just say “Top of the mornin'” to my Irish readers.  You came out en masse today… welcome!

Now for Announcement Time.  Beware, son #1!!!  Son #2 has grown an inch in the last 2 months and will be taller than you THIS YEAR!  We have warned you about this occurrence for many years.  It is now upon you. (And the parents grin in delight.)

The yellow extension to the 15 year old growth chart was introduced this week.  Son #1 is 5 feet 7 3/4 inches.  His father is 1/8 of an inch taller at this moment.  It won’t be long til that’s over.  Son #2, who is two years younger is only 3/4 of an inch behind his elder sibling.  Oh, this is going to get gooder and gooder.  Both boys passed me up, but I will always be taller than my girls.  The elder has hit a screeching halt at ALMOST 5 feet 4 inches.  The younger is not destined to be a giant…. her birth mama was 4 feet 11 inches.  We are praying for at least 5 feet!

This awesomely decorative growth chart used to be a nice rectangular poster.  It used to hang on the back of the laundry room door…. the only other door in the entire house on tile floor…. for precision measuring.  Then the dog, who was locked in the laundry room for her own safety and the safety of the carpets and furniture, tore up the growth chart much to my dismay and anger.  I picked up all the shreds and painstakingly taped them back together.  This was MY Offspring’s Growth History, for goodness sakes alive.  So now the chart is safely on the back of the master bedroom door.  It gets real cozy when I drag the kids in the microscopic bathroom to measure them.

I’m secretly hoping to have to add another extension card one day.  Currently it stops at 6 feet.  We do have a possibility in the ranks………. please stand by for several years.

Sibling Sabbotage!

August 10, 2009

Our middle child, Austin, has the propensity to initiate tribal warfare with a vengeance.  His usual target is his brother, Keeve, who is younger by 26 months…. if he’s not available, sadly, the dog has been borderline tortured, wrapped, caged, shut in darkness, etc., etc.  Thankfully the dog does not retaliate!  Brothers do. 

The funny part for us as the parents is that Keeve is growing at such a rate and bulk that he nearly outweighs his elder brother.  If it weren’t for Austin’s stringent self-imposed work out regime to create abs, pecs, biceps and thighs of steel, I think Keeve might be able to take Austin.  We should know soon.  It’s inevitable.  We’ve warned Aus his whole life that Keeve will eventually be bigger than him, so he should tread lightly.  He hasn’t exactly taken our advice to heart. 

Like tonight as they both stood at the bottom of the stairs daring the other to go up first and experience the behind paddling from the other.  Eventually Austin ran up first, followed closely, but not close enough, by Keeve.  At the upstairs landing there was a swat…. then a whine to mama, “Austin spanked me!”  If I see lots of blood, I’m sympathetic.  If not, I’m not.  I replied, “You probably deserved it for something I don’t know about.”  I thought the truce was suppressed and bedtime bliss had arrived.  Oh contraire.

Austin was staying up to finish watching a movie with his Dad and Keeve was supposed to be going to bed.  He had a little plan in mind first.  Pretty ingenious plan, if you ask me.  His only mechanical mistake was the stretchy variegated yarn.  Had he used stiffer wire or rope, it would have triggered the nozzle and sprayed Austin’s head beautifully (as well as thumped him in the head probably).  Here it is, the mousse-on-the-door-frame trick.  It is braced by Austin’s metal clamp for his chin-up bar, and duct taped to the wall.  There is a little piece of wood on the nozzle too. Bright boy, that Keeverz.

rick's phone 026

Note the duct tape on the banister in the hall!  We should have anticipated something fishy, but no.  I need to teach him about hiding his weapons of subterfuge.

The Refried Bean Brick

March 23, 2008


keeve’s yellow flower

My husband, Rick, went to a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant  last night with his brother.  (My mother would not patronize such an establishment.)  He enjoyed it so much that he took the boys and I there tonight.  I must admit, their rolled tacos with guacamole made me want to jump up and dance the Cha-Cha …. ooohhhh they’re mucho bueno.

My boys both ordered bean burritos which is their normal fare at any Mexican establishment…. Taco Bell, Chipotle, Filiburto’s, Rolberto’s, Edwardoberto’s, etc.  However, these monstrous mounds of beans wrapped in a warm flour tortilla oozed filling as fast as lava from Kilauea.  There were so many brown bloppy puddles, I was surprised the boys actually consumed any beans at all. 

With the tortilla inhaled, my youngest asked for a spoon.  Mexican fast food joints don’t have spoons.  So Keeve picked out a knife.  I figured it was safe enough to eat off of.  How much damage could be done with a 5 inch flimsy plastic knife?  Surprisingly, he started scraping the bean blobs into one gigantic bean mound on his burrito wrapper that was doubling as his plate, placemat and table cloth. Next thing I know, he has the mushy mess formed into a brick  and is carefully shaping the corners to neat right angles with the precision of a master sculptor. 

I glanced over at his brother’s waxy paper which was still dotted with 27 piles of varying sizes and there was apparently no desire to gather them together, to form them into a brick, or to gingerly make each corner 45 degrees.  How can two brothers be so different???? 

I call them my salt and pepper boys… when they were small one had black hair and the other almost white-blonde.  One is neat.  One is messy.  One writes thank you cards.  One has to be coerced to write thank you cards.  One does his chores at the break of dawn.  The other has to be reminded that work comes before play.  One is quiet.  One is loud.  One has long arms.  The other is barrel chested.  I wonder how many kids we would have to have before we had just one that was anything like the siblings?  We’re not sure, but we know it is a number higher than three.

Crosby Adoption News x2

March 11, 2008

crosbys x2

Ice skating in Abbotsford, BC, Winter of 2006.  This is the only picture I have of the Crosby Brothers, Rick and Terry, and their families.  Terry and Jennie are the adults that aren’t us.  Their three kids are all wearing a shade of red, or orange or pink.  Ours aren’t.  Their three are the same ages as our three, 14, 11 and 9.

The good news for them today:  the judge ruled that it would be in the best interest of their three kids to be adopted by Terry and Jennie, whom they have lived with for over 5 years.  Woooo Hoooo!  It might still take up to a year to finish the adoptions, but YEAH!  Finally!

Our adoption news today:  we have been assigned a region in Colombia!  Yeah.  But we don’t know which one.  Booo.  We’re waiting, as is the name of the game in adoption…. especially international adoption.

We also have a large payment due this Friday, or our case goes on hold (which we do not want!)  Please pray with us for God’s money for our adoption to come in.  Blessings!