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Is that Your Final Answer?

August 28, 2008

Another Colombian Princess.

YES!  Today the stress level in our abode sank back to near normal.  We decided on a new adoption agency, signed the papers and I ran to the mailbox and threw them in before we changed our minds.  It’s been almost a month since Commonwealth Adoptions Int’l. Inc. closed its doors… leaving us scrambling for another agency to complete the adoption of our little girl who is sitting in Colombia THIS MINUTE… waiting for us.

We are aware that CHANGE is the essence of adoption, but we did not see this one coming.  Changing rules.. yes.  Changing time frames… yes.  But changing agencies… no.  We are still not sure of the true reason for CAII shutting down, and frankly, it doesn’t really matter anymore.  But it was a wake-up call when we were sitting here cruising through our wait time for our referral call.

The entire Colombian program (approx. 90 families) had the opportunity to transfer to Gladney Center for Adoption, but we did not immediately jump on board.  We shopped around, compared programs, added additional fees on our fingers and toes, searched the web for Hague information and prayed our little hearts out.  We had it narrowed to three agencies, but the determining factor was a teleconference call with Gladney last Thursday.  Before the call, we realized that we were dealing with an agency with a stellar reputation.  They have been doing business for more than 100 years and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  I personally spoke with the COO the week before and he was fantastic and upright and just admitted, “I don’t know” to many of my questions.  That’s what we were looking for… truthful answers, even if it was IDK.  We feel that we are in good hands.  The pressure cooker lid was cracked open. 

We are nearing the expiration of our I600A and need to make a change to our homestudy as well.  The plan is to increase the age of the child we are requesting, and hopefully speed up the referral process.  As we’ve been preparing for almost two years for a toddler… our other kids have aged… two years.  (Go figure!) So we’re thinking a child of 4, 5 or 6 years might fit better into our home.  I mean really, how do you decide something like that?  We’ve prayed and prayed.  And feel at peace with it.

I simply want Zaza home NOW.  Her room is ready.  Our hearts are ready.  OK, we’re not exactly fluent in Spanish, but our charades skills are supremely honed.  :o)  OK, I need to go sew another Bag for Zaza to keep my mind busy.  Help bring Zaza home!

The Good News from the MESS

August 6, 2008

1.  I did not have orangutan-beating dreams involving our X-adoption agency.  I slept just fine, thank you.  (

2.  Our case worker, who shall be called Mabel (heh heh heh), found the missing document that actually proves we are approved for an adopcion of la nina from Colombia.  This is fabulous because without it our whole situation was a guessing game.  Thank GOD!

3.  We will never know what REALLY happened with our X-agency, but that’s OK.  In our case, they did what we paid them to do.  Many of the 372 other families were not as fortunate as us.

4.  I’m still an optimistic, cup-half-full, lookin’-on-the-bright-side individual.  No X-agency can change that.

We had neighbors years ago who had ‘visitors’ at all hours of the night and day… drop in and run. Rick was convinced they were drug dealers.  I suggested that maybe they were Amway distributors with customers who worked graveyard shifts.  (Rick was right, by the way.)

I got this Pollyanna trait from my mother.  Case in point: my sister called home from college to trick mom on April Fools Day… probably about 1991.  Christy told mom that she was in trouble because she had been caught with a guy in her dorm room.  Thinking the absolute BEST of her baby girl, our mother asked, “Did you know he was in there?”  See?!  May I always think the best of my kids like my mom did!

Our Little Zaza… the wait continues

August 5, 2008

Disappointing news today.  Our adoption agency closed.  Bummer, dude.  So we need to find another one to pick up where we are and keep the ball rolling.  We’re not sure what all this entails at the moment, but it is another bump on the very bumpy adoption road.  We are learning that change is indeed the essence of adoption.  The good news is that this wasn’t a surprise to God.  Hold on, Zaza, we’re coming!

Bags for Zaza continues to amaze and raise…. with new styles, fabrics and bidders.  A sincere thank you to all who have been involved in one way or another.  We have raised over $1,900 so far and we’re still sewing.  The perfect bags for school!!!

AND for those who are Steven Curtis Chapman fans, his family is being interviewed on Good Morning America on Aug. 6th.  At least that’s the last I heard.  Check out your local stations.  This is their first interview since SCC returned to the stage after the death of their little angel, Maria.  Should prove tear-jerking.  This family is especially dear to us because we received an adoption grant from their organization Shoahannah’s Hope.  What a great family with heart for God and adoption.  Don’t miss the show.  They are also going to be on Larry King Live and on People magazine next week.

Peace out!  Linda and the Crosbys