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Debit Card Conundrum, Part III

November 25, 2015

Please read the two previous blogs for backstory.

As Nora and I neared the location of our son’s band competition, I remembered that at competitions hot dogs were $8 and drinks were $4 and chips were $3 and candy bars were $2. Buying overpriced concessions is a pet peeve of mine. So I pulled into Sonic and bought my darling a kid’s meal and paid with a credit card. GAH! I hate that! But the whole meal plus the toy was cheaper than half a hot dog!

My husband was about ten minutes behind our ETA and the plan was to meet him at the gate. Little did I know at that time how much “at the gate” we would be.

After waiting in line to buy our $10 each tickets to listen to our son blow on his trombone for exactly 12 minutes, I discovered to my horror that they only accepted cash. What type of sketchy band competition only takes cash? I was still in debit card purgatory, so I planned on paying with the credit card, my newly useful tool.

Digging through my purse only produced $3 cash, counting coinage. Rick walked up at that point and I asked him how much cash he was carrying…. $12. Great. So one of us could go in for the 12 minute performance… or we could all stand in a unified line of solidarity at the chain link fence, after driving for an hour and eating cheap junk food, and watch the band from the end zone.

As we stood there with our fingers clinging to the fence looking like prisoners who want out (or in!), Nora suggested, “Well, since we saved $30 right now, can we go to the movies?” Always the opportunist!

The Peanuts movie was quite good, btw.