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Frantic Frenzy

December 1, 2009

As I was eating bon bons on the couch watching my soaps this afternoon I got THE phone call. (OK, if you only knew how that is SO NOT me! It simply sounds inviting to me on days like today.) More like: I was STILL homechooling my boys at 4:15 p.m. today at the kitchen table, when I got THE phone call. The news was kind of expected, but the timing was POOR, to say the least.  Our homestudy needs to be updated and the only date our case worker had comfortably available was in two weeks.  Well, in two weeks, Rick and I will be on a cruise ship eating at the midnight chocolate buffet.  The dear is from out-of-town so she looked at her already full calendar and suggested Thursday at 1:00.  THIS Thursday.  I had no choice… I said “ok”.. and then I looked around and wanted to cry.  I have about 39 hours.

Before I show you the highly top-secret photos of the messy state of the Crosby union, I have to let you know what was ALREADY on my schedule between now and Thursday at 1:00.  1. drop off son for car pool 2. visit my mother 3. Bible Study Wed. 1:30 – 4:30 4. speaking preparations 5. pack my book sale stuff  6. fill up the gas in the van 7. speak at MOPS Thursday morning an hour away 8. homeschool   9. pedicure 10. date night with Rick.  As you can see, I had to cross a few things off.  And added to the list: 11. throw all Christmas boxes in the garage  12. scrape piles of stuff under the couch, in the oven and into the laundry room.  We also need to do something about the broken trampoline poles… they don’t look adoption safe at the moment.  Too much WWF from my boys.  They use the poles to swing up on the roof over our patio…. the perfect jumping off place.  (We call it the “fire escape” for the upstairs bedrooms…. out Keeve’s window on the patio roof and safely onto the trampoline.)

OK, just to vindicate myself, these cluttered pictures do not mean our house is DIRTY… just messy… from Christmas decorating that didn’t actually happen yet.  I sadly share tonight’s photo essay:

The kitchen table:

The computer desk:

The living room:

The dining room: (the lamp does not belong there!)

The family room:

The pantry:

Yes, the kitchen is not included in this messy montage… it is unordinarily clean at the moment with freshly baked peanut butter cookies cooling on the racks.  Seriously!

OK, I do realize that instead of taking pictures and writing a blog I could’ve been working on the mess… but that’s no fun ALONE!  Tomorrow I have three willing and able elves to help with Christmas decorating for baby Jesus’ birthday and homestudy cleaning.  :o)  Say a little prayer for the Crosbys, please.

The Good News from the MESS

August 6, 2008

1.  I did not have orangutan-beating dreams involving our X-adoption agency.  I slept just fine, thank you.  (

2.  Our case worker, who shall be called Mabel (heh heh heh), found the missing document that actually proves we are approved for an adopcion of la nina from Colombia.  This is fabulous because without it our whole situation was a guessing game.  Thank GOD!

3.  We will never know what REALLY happened with our X-agency, but that’s OK.  In our case, they did what we paid them to do.  Many of the 372 other families were not as fortunate as us.

4.  I’m still an optimistic, cup-half-full, lookin’-on-the-bright-side individual.  No X-agency can change that.

We had neighbors years ago who had ‘visitors’ at all hours of the night and day… drop in and run. Rick was convinced they were drug dealers.  I suggested that maybe they were Amway distributors with customers who worked graveyard shifts.  (Rick was right, by the way.)

I got this Pollyanna trait from my mother.  Case in point: my sister called home from college to trick mom on April Fools Day… probably about 1991.  Christy told mom that she was in trouble because she had been caught with a guy in her dorm room.  Thinking the absolute BEST of her baby girl, our mother asked, “Did you know he was in there?”  See?!  May I always think the best of my kids like my mom did!