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One of These Things is NOT Like the Others

May 5, 2010

Imagine our surprise when Mr. Piggy’s hair sprouted!  Seems he’s from a different gene pool than Mr. Ducky and Mr. Froggie.   We were wondering why it hadn’t sprouted when Mr. Froggie’s hair was planted the same day.  And he’s had at least 12 haircuts.  Keeve, our 11-year-old, is keeping the green Frog’s hair trimmed to a perfect mohawk at least twice a day.  I keep finding grass clippings in the kitchen sink.  I thought these mini-faux-Chia pets were humorous when I stuck them in the kids’ Easter baskets.  I didn’t expect this much interest, conversation, distraction, photography, watering, moving, admiring, etc.  Teenagers surprise me… almost daily.

Easter Surprises!

April 16, 2010

For Easter, I always have some theme gift for the kids’ baskets.  Past years have included: underwear, bubbles, toothbrushes/floss/toothpaste, comic books, pjs, etc.  THIS YEAR I found mini Chia Pets in the craft store at 50% off!  What a screaming deal.  The duck, elephant and frog were purchased.  My daughter, who is 16, is the only child who has embarked on her Chia Pet journey so far.  This morning I arrived in the kitchen to find her Chia Pet had “pony tails”…. well, isn’t that WHY you have Chia Pets???? To do their hair????  Then she told me that she has cut the hair twice already!  See!?!  Fun Fun Fun… all for $2.50! 

Yes, those are real shoe laces.  What would a Chia Pet be without shoe laces?  Yes, it’s true.  I never had a Chia Pet as a child, and I didn’t want my children going through life like I’ve had to…. Chia-Pet-less.  Making memories… that’s what this is all about!