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Ten-Year-Old Money Management

April 16, 2014

“Mom, my size eight underwear is too tight.  Can we please get me some more?”  Of course this was only uttered in complete isolation from her brothers.  Of course.  She is mortified if I say the word “bra” out loud whether we are alone or not.  It makes me want to work “bra” into every conversation.  Which I am capable of doing, but I’m trying to be the nice mom (in a white bra.)

So off to ROSS we went.  Dress for less.  That’s my idea of a good time.  And Mr. Wallet’s too.  Straight to the back of the store to the girls department we hightailed and bee-lined to the clearance section.  There is ALWAYS underwear on clearance, which I don’t really understand because they don’t go out of season. Ever.  (Well, except for a season in my teenage son’s life when he wore bathing suits for three months…. but I digress.)


BINGO!  Five multi packs to choose from.  All the right size.  All were five pair for $3.  All were cute colors.  All were bikini (which is apparently highly importante for the Colombiana!)  (When she has her first love in college, and he finds this blog, she’s gonna kill me… but that is so far off, I shall continue.)  I wanted to yell, “Sweet Jesus! We scored in the clearance section, folks!” but I did not, only because I noticed something was amiss on my daughter’s face.  She was not as exhilarated as I was with the undies find.  After questioning her dislike for my super saver bargain, she explained that the sudsy, mini yellow Chihuahua in the bathtub pictured on the first pair of panties in the multi pack was no bueno! I countered with an explanation that she could have five pair for $3 and wear the Chihuahua or she could stay snug in her size 8s.  The little doggie grew on her, as I knew he would.  Plus out of the five pair only ONE had the doggie!  The rest were boring… albeit in cute colors.

She was not done. Oh no. The bubbly Chihuahua was not going down without a fight. Turning to the non-sale section, she pointed to some cute sets of pink undies with turquoise lace gracing the top. Seriously, the ones she picked looked like they were strays from the racy lingerie section of the ladies department.  Why do they even make little girls underwear resemble Victoria’s Secret garb? Pointing out the $6 price tag for TWO pair, I asked her how many doggie panties we could buy for six dollars.  She thought for a moment and answered correctly, mumbling defeat, “ten.”

I explained that it is not a wise use of our money to buy two pair of fancy duds when ten serviceable ones would do.  I suggested that if she really wanted the lacy ones, she could use her own hard-earned money. (Insert eye roll here.) Utterly ridiculous! She would not pay $6 for two pair, even though she wanted me to. No way! She even made a little snorting noise in disgust.

And the underwear lesson went down in the history book as a frugal find but a fashion failure. Egads… a bathing Chihuahua… can you even imagine?!? Disgraceful!


I Met Oscar’s Twin Sister Yesterday

October 19, 2008

Oh my word!  Oscar the Grouch has a sister and I met her yesterday at my book signing.  There were numerous booths set up outside in a parking lot for a community event followed by a car show in the same parking lot.  The place was hopping from dawn til dusk.  There was a dog costume contest by the pet resort which made my day.  There was a pudgy Beagle with a pink bathrobe and pink foam curlers… and a Chihuahua with a Rastafarian hat with dreadlocks attached.  I don’t think the dog could see a thing.  I smile every time I think of it.

Back to Oscar’s twin sister, let’s call her Grouchy.  First Grouchy was whining about how hot it was…. well, it was over 90, but this is Arizona.  What do you expect?  And we were all hot, but she was the only whiner.  Following the weather whining, a cute little girl came near Grouchy to write her name on a give-a-way card.  This totally annoyed Grouchy and she told the little girl to move.  What in the world??

Around 3:30 (height of hotness) the classic cars started rolling in for the show.  I made a comment about how cool they were and Grouchy proceeded to tell me that her first husband loved old cars and that’s all she ever drove when she was married to him and they are unreliable and how she hated them and she won’t drive them anymore at all.  Yes, in one breath.  What do you say to that?  “Wow!  I bet he’s glad you’re not driving his old cars any more!”  I just hummed and hawed.

As the hot dog stand was setting up next to us and the loud engines continued to roar into the lot, the 1940s and 50s music started blaring from a portable sound system.  It was PERFECT for the car show.  It was a bit loud, but still, old ladies usually don’t come to car shows.   Needless to say, guess what kind of music Grouchy hated the first time it came out?  AND she can’t figure out why people like it the second time around.

All that to say, I spent a mere three hours with Grouchy and that was about all I could take.  I think it’s one of the Seven Laws of Successful People, or from All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, or How to Win Friends and Influence People …. but it is so true for your mental health:  Surround yourself with positive people.