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Witty-less Times

February 17, 2011

There are times when I feel witty.  There are other times when I feel witty-less.  Usually the witty-less times are somehow related to misbehaving/strong-willed children or not enough sleep on my part.  This week it has been my beloved children.  Monday, Valentine’s Day, which is supposed to be all filled with love and mushy sentiments, I called my husband at work at noon and mentioned strangulation in association with one of my four children.  (Of course I would never do it.) But the fact that it came to my mind gives a glimpse of the antics that were transpiring under my care.  He spurred me on in our parenting journey by chanting his supporting cheers, “You will win!”  “You are stronger!”  and “You can do it!” (NOT strangulation.)  It pumped me up enough to come out of my locked bedroom.

That evening I had a massage scheduled.  Ahhhhhhh.  Perfect timing!  After reporting that my back muscles have never been tighter, the massage therapist asked what we were doing later that night for Valentine’s Day.  I told her that I was thinking of going out to dinner by myself and leaving my husband at home with four little Valentines.  :o) 

The shift from one strong-willed child to the next in line was rapid this week.  I’ve been through all four kids and it’s Thursday.  I guess that’s fair on their part that they got one day each to push all of mommy’s buttons and steer her toward psychosis. 

I do not feel like homeschooling tomorrow.  At all.  The Lord knew I needed a break and planned for friends of ours to be moving tomorrow.  Perfect!  Manual labor is good for children!  Tomorrow, for school, we will work on friendship, giving, physical exercise, being a servant and loving others.  Hopefully a bit of the love will trickle home with us tomorrow night.

Perhaps I will feel witty by the weekend.