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“It’s Keeve again!”

October 27, 2009

Larisa 16 las vega 093

That’s my boy signing his name on the wall at the Shelby plant in Vegas…. circled blue ink… “Keeve #5 Crosby” with a thumbs-up drawing!

Rick and I went out to lunch today (to Chipotle, if ya had to know.) While we were there Keeve called us four or five times.  He was supposed to be doing his math, piano and chores.  He was a bit distracted by the thought of us being across the street from Walmart…. where so many of his immediate needs could be so easily met.  We bought him blank DVDs last night, but alas, we got the wrong ones.  So he needed the CD-R kind.  Fine.  That was Call #1.

Call #2 was because we are fresh out of fresh strawberries… which Keeve uses every single day of his life to make fruit smoothies.  (See this post for more smoothie news: (Jennie, you need to teach me how to do the CLICK HERE links.)  So strawberries were added to the list.

Call #3…. “Moooooom, do I have to do my spelling today?”  (which requires mother’s assistance).  “No, we’ll do it tomorrow, son.”

Call #4…. “Daaaaaad, when we were in Walmart in Las Vegas, Mom said I could get a plastic blue pumpkin head to keep my candy in.  Can you please get me a plastic blue pumpkin head?  They are only $1.”  I verified the story and the plastic blue pumpkin head was added to the list, which by this point had actually become a written list.

Call #5 was received in Walmart, just to make sure we hadn’t forgotten anything on Keeve’s all important, I’ll-just-die-if-you-forget-something list. 

Sadly, Walmart was out of plastic blue pumpkin heads… but not strawberries or CDs.  WHEW!  What in the world did we do before cell phones?

Bed Sweet Bed

February 23, 2009


There’s nothing quite as inviting as your own bed.  Can I hear an amen?  Not that the beds up at Scrapping in the Pines were that bad… I simply didn’t lie down in them quite long enough to feel rested.  I slept last night from 9:30 PM to 8:15 AM and am feeling much more alert now.  When I arrived home last night to free Chipotle burritos… which I declined… and an invitation for a family game of Settlers of Catan… which I also declined.  SEE?  I was a bit tired.

Today I had a rude awakening when I realized February is over in one week.  YIKES!  Where did this month go? I have quite a long TO-DO list for my book that I’m supposed to have done on April 3rd.  I’m afraid My Sister’s Jar may turn into an every other day event as I am strapped to the computer chair with humorous and not so humorous marriage stories running amuck in my mind.  Nothing like a deadline to start the fire in the basement.

OH, minor adoption news posting today:

Make it a great week!

Happy Heart Day!

February 14, 2009


Well, Valentine’s Day 2009 went down pretty low-key around our house.  After last night’s super hero conference, I slept straight through until 9:58 a.m.  And I felt like I needed a nap around 5:00 p.m.  My hip flexor muscles are still crying out when I stand or walk.  (It’s NOT funny either.)  Rick was gone most of the day making Pinewood Derby cars with the boys at church and then to Austin’s hockey practice.  He did send me to get a cute hot pink pedicure while he was out.  It’s truly amazing how much prettier you feel when your toes are painted…. and you didn’t have to bend over to do it.  Thanks, Honey!

We planned on dinner and movie tonight, but by the time we were out the door at 7:45, it was too late for both.  We had a romantic dinner at Chipotle…. no, really…. I LOVE it, so it was ok with me.  (Hey, better than a monster truck rally !)  Then we went underwear shopping at TJ Maxx.  Boy, does Rick know how to do it up right.  If you’ve not yet been married 22 years…. THIS is what you have to look forward to.

Quoting Jessica Heath,  “Love is in the air….. hope you have your gas mask!”  <3