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Another Funny Crosby

October 16, 2011

Nora says the funniest things sometimes!  Here’s just a few of her latest crazy comments for you to enjoy.

We were going to a dinner put on by Austin’s youth leaders.  We walked in the door and one of the leaders puts his hand up for Nora to give him a high-five.  Before raising her hand she asked, Are your hands clean?”

Today after church, Nora came out singing a song, “Where You go, I’ll go. Where You stay, I’ll stay. When You moon, I’ll moon. I will follow you.”  Moon should have been MOVE.  Made a whole new meaning for that song!

We were having tacos one night and Austin had made himself two tacos and set them on the table.  Then my husband asked him to go do something quickly before he started eating.  Before Austin left the kitchen he announced, “Make sure Keeve doesn’t eat my tacos!”  We all chuckled and said “ok”.  A few minutes later Keeve walked into the kitchen.  Nora pointed to Austin’s tacos and said, “Keeve, you want those tacos?”

We were having a lazy school day and Larisa, Nora and I were sitting around the kitchen table at 2:00.  Larisa looked at my haphazard appearance and asked if I brushed my hair.  I replied, “No, but I brushed my teeth, put on deodorant, shaved my legs and put on clean underwear.”  Looking all put together, brushed and shiny, Nora added, “I didn’t.”  We laughed and questioned, “Didn’t what?”  “Put on clean underwear.” 

And a few of her Spanglish sayings to wrap up this ditty:

“Bike Rike” – it’s when you ride your bike and rake the yard simultaneously.

“Peeksa” – checking in the oven if the pizza is ready.

Waddoh – the wet stuff that comes out of the waddoh tap.

What dat means? – this is not about a mean dad.

Candaler –  I think a person with dyslexia taught her to say calendar.