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Take Me Back

December 23, 2008


Last night we opened the box containing Christmas videos… yes, only three days prior to Jesus’ birthday.  At least we found it and got it opened!  Ten years ago, our youngest son was born mid-November.  Being such a youngster he played the part of baby Jesus in the gigantic Christmas Spectacular at Phoenix First Assembly.  My Dad works in the video department, so we were blessed with three different tapes from three nights of baby Keeve being held up the air, half clothed in front of 7,000 people and blinding lights.  He was so darling, if I do say so myself.

From baby Jesus, we moved onto Larisa being a pauper girl when she was 4, dancing and looking adorable and dirty all at the same time…. same show as above… different year.  I love the results from pink spongy rollers!  (Look out, Zaza!)

THEN.. the highlight of our evening was a video our kids made with the help of their favorite babysitter, Ashley.  They were 2, 4 and 7.  We laughed so hard… and then played it again and laughed even harder.  Austin, at 4, was wearing these white Elvis pants that were supposed to go on the front legs of a large dog….  need I say more? Yes!  He was bare chested flaunting a gaudy gold necklace and a black wig.  Yes, he sang Blue Christmas by Elvis.  See a trend here?  His performance included the lip snarl and hip gyrations.  Made his daddy proud.  Larisa followed with a ballerina choreographed performance of the Nut Cracker.  I don’t think we realized how good she was at the time, but for a seven year old, it was amazing.  (She is a choreographer now for a drama troupe.)  And Keeve….. cute Keevey… we completely forgot that he lisped his S’s… and there’s two in Merry Chrithmath.  We re-wound the lisp several times until we couldn’t take it anymore for the pains in our laughing bellies.

Good times.  Takes me back.  We’ll have to make some videos this year that we can crack up over in another eight years.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

December 17, 2008


Sorry for the photo quality… but at least I captured the smiles and colorful t-shirts for my children to look at for all eternity.  (Yes, we’re bringing our scrapbooks to heaven, for goodness sake!  Why else would we put all that work into them???)  Keeve (pictured in the center of younger women) and Austin (below) played pivotal roles in last nights pageant.  Both boys were narrators and, as their proud homeschooling mother who taught them to read, must say they did an excellent job… even looking up at the crowd in between breaths.  They also danced with candy cane canes and shook their booties in rhythm, a true highlight of the evening…. at least for me.

Keeve told us later that he was going to read his part like Napoleon Dynamite, all breathy and slow with a “gosh” and “lucky” words thrown in.  “You will find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger…. lucky!”  It would have been hilarious, but he is more my child than his father’s, obviously, as he followed propriety instead of breaking out of the mold for a laugh.


Thurston, the rich man who didn’t want carolers on his grass, was masterfully played by Austin.  He was animated and humorous, much to our surprise.  He’s usually icy-hockey-stone-faced-cool.  It was a delight to see the ice breaking up. (Yes, the boy needs a haircut!  Relax, he’s going with me today!)

Rick, my comic-relief husband, was cast to the part entitled Vanna White… yes, it made me nervous.  He was to carry a sign that read “Christmas Eve”…. that’s it.  It was a 20 second part.  But, as the children’s director told me, “It wouldn’t be a kid’s play without your husband.”  {sigh}  He decided to be Michael Jackson instead of Vanna… black suit, white socks…. he even bought a pin-striped dress hat at Tilly’s.  Unfortunately for him and all his practicing of Moon Walking and the Electric Slide to “Billie Jean”, (and fortunately for ME) his part got skipped.  My mother said, “See, the Lord knew he shouldn’t do Michael Jackson in church!” 

Wish you could’ve been here for this past week while he practiced.  We might even request a family show on Christmas Day.