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Chompy Would Have Been a Better Name

January 22, 2012

This puppy is lucky he is cute…. and cuddly… and adorable.  This is the Christmas puppy, Ringo, that is so adored and cherished by many people each day.  To say he is spoiled is the understatement of the century.  BUT… here is the list of what he has chewed SO FAR.  (And it’s not like we are leaving stuff lying around… he goes searching for things to chew… while his chewy toys are scattered on the floor and all over the backyard.) 

The camoflage New Testament that Connor gave Keeve. (I was surprised he could see that one.)

Most of the drip lines that run to my potted plants.  I do remember Trixie doing this too, but we lived in a rental for a short period of time when she did this.  I am now hand watering my plants….  

Johnny Tremain, the book that is.  Not only does Johnny get a crippled hand, but now he has been chewed up by a six-inch tall doggy and thrown away. 

The picture of our nephew Mason.  Seems it fell from the display board in the laundry room and Ringo found it.  I couldn’t very well throw away a relative, so Mason is back up on the board…. chewed.

A wooden zoo puzzle that we have had in the family for 18 years…. mostly just the monkey who was riding the unicycle got his head chewed off… but that sort of made the puzzle not pleasing to look at.

The last roll of TP on the TP stand in the bathroom.  There are five or six rolls on there… waiting to be used.  I think we may just leave the bottom one on there for a while…. all chewed up and mangled.

I don’t recall how long the chewing phase lasts, but I pray it is short lived.  Thankfully, Ringo is so cute.


HELLO! and come in for some hot cocoa!

December 29, 2011

Many disturbances in the force have contributed to my blogging absence… including, but not limited to, Christmas, my sister and her family visiting from Washington, Christmas Eve service, an Elvis Dinner Theater double date, Jesus’ Birthday party, cookie decorating, shopping, wrapping, Chelsea (Larisa’s friend) visiting for a week, and an Amazon gift wrapping experience that made me appreciate my life. (That warranted a blog all by itself!) Oh, and I almost forgot the most important reason I have not been on MSJ…. my laptop got a virus and wouldn’t let me get online.  It’s all better now, thanks to Howard.

Many Christmas blessings transpired which I have been eager to share.  #1 (and most important) I got a text from my friend Jill on Dec. 22nd near midnight that read “A friend has two free baby wiener dogs. Did you get Larisa a gift yet?”  That was it.  I was ruined.  Have you seen dachshund puppies?  They are irresistible… even if you have sworn by the Virgin Mother and the baby Jesus child that you will never go through puppy-raising a second time in your entire life.  My 18-year-old daughter has wanted a wiener dog for years.  She has a dog.  But she wanted a wiener dog.  I’ve said NO for years.  She has taped pictures of wiener dogs on my bedroom door.  She has posted wiener dog pictures on my facebook page.  She even doggy-sits wiener dogs… and brings them over to show me how adorable they are.  I finally broke down and told her I would buy a wiener dog for her as a wedding gift.  (She doesn’t even have a love interest at the moment… and as I said previously, she’s only 18.)  I thought it was a great compromise.  Then came the text.  I didn’t say anything, I simply showed the text to my husband.  We both raised our eyebrows and shook our heads.  We were thinking the same thing….. FREE…. and our little Colombian princess would love to have a puppy to play with.  It could be a doggy for both of our girls to share.  Then when Larisa goes to college, Nora is still here to clean up the back yard of doggy doodoo.  Perfect.

I called another friend who received a baby wiener dog for Christmas last year…. and didn’t keep it.  I wanted to know why.  Her answer didn’t help me.  She didn’t have time to train him.  Well, I’m home all the time… with nothing to do.  Perfect.  I started to list off all the things we would need to purchase for the puppy…. doggy door, crate, gate, etc.  She piped in with a FREE doggy door and crate.  Perfect.

Christmas Eve at approximately 11:59 and 1/2 Rick gave his blessing for the acquisition of the baby wiener dog.  Oh, were our girls going to be thrilled.  A few glitches have occurred.  It took us so long to decide, the puppy missed ride #1 from California to Phoenix.  Ride #2 is on Jan. 3rd.  At least that gives us a week before we start school again!  Here are the girls when they heard the new puppy news:

Shocked and amazed.  It was priceless.  We only have a few blurry pictures from which to choose a new family pet… and they are from a cell phone.  We don’t have a name chosen yet, and Larisa is leaning toward the bigger brown puppy not the smaller black puppy.  I’ll keep you posted and hopefully get some blog-worthy photos.

I’ll save #2 and #3 Christmas blessings for other blogs.  Needless to say… not much else could beat a Christmas puppy… and it isn’t even home yet.  (I’m seeing this as my ticket to new carpet… in a year!)