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Many Prayers Later

September 16, 2011

Two days ago my first born son turned 15-years-old.  He is taller than me.  I’m not sure if I could take him anymore.  He has more muscles than Jack LaLanne. ……..Ok, no he doesn’t.  I just looked up Jack on google.  But my son has the potential of turning into the juicing giant.  Wasn’t it just a few months ago when my chubby, blonde little boy was yelling every word and stuttering because he was so excited about life???  Wasn’t he telling me, just weeks ago, that “Daddy take good care for you, Mom.”  Where have the years gone? 

Sadly, said son’s birthday happened to be on the busiest day of our week…. really, the ONLY day we all leave the house together.  I did make cupcakes and take them to co-op… like all good homeschooling moms.  He asked for vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing.  WOW!  Go crazy!  I called him from Walmart to make sure I got the right kind.  Then I asked what kind of cupcake papers he wanted…. Dora… Mickey Mouse… Cars… Cinderella.  He said he didn’t care as long as the cake and icing were vanilla.  I bought purple.

And what gift did my 15-year-old ask for on his birthday?  Money to go on a missions trip to build houses in Mexico in October.  What kind of kid asks for missions trip money for his birthday?  Maybe the kind of kid who asks every Friday night if he can go downtown and feed homeless people.  Or the kind of kid who spent his summer vacation feeding men on skid row in Los Angeles.  He recently told his Dad that he didn’t think he was doing enough for others.  To which my wise husband replied, “You are doing WAY more than the average kid your age.”  My brilliant son retorted, “I’m not an average kid.”  SO TRUE!  I couldn’t be more proud of my 15-year-old son. 

However, (that always means the next words are important and contradictory in nature) this is my one in four children whom I have probably mentioned in more prayers than all the others.  Okay, that’s not true because my 17-year-old daughter went to Africa for three weeks this summer…. they might be tied.  His leadership ability has been obvious to me for many years…. I hoped and prayed it wouldn’t be for the dark side.  And his drive is unbelievable.  Even when he was nine, he would get up early and do all his chores and as much school work as he could…. before I stumbled out of my room to whip us some breakfast.  (For those who know me well, they are thinking “That’s nothing… she sleeps in.”  It’s true.  But still!)

We had a family gift opening for Aus… with little girls invited.  :o)  But he simply wanted $$ for missions, so no grand party was had.  Weird, I know.

Eligible Son-In-Law Requirements

November 3, 2010

Our daughter was asked to be Cinderella for a Halloween Trunk-or-Treat at a local church.  She sat on a throne and waved the princess wave at all the little princesses that passed by.  Anyone could get their picture taken with Cinderella too!  It was fantasmical, so I’m told by a reliable source.  (My dad got his picture taken with Cinderella!)

After all the fanfare, our daughter who has her heart set on a college in Costa Mesa, California, has decided that she would like to be a Disney Princess as a part-time job.  This led  to a google search on Disney Princess salaries…. A N D….. (little did she know)….. Son-In-Law requirements!!!  We now have a bona fide list for the Crosby Son-In-Law Look.  It’s called the Disney Look…  here it is:

The Disney Look may include, but is not limited to, the following requirements:

Any candidate with intentional body alteration or modification for the purpose of achieving a visible, physical effect that disfigures, deforms or similarly detracts from a professional image is prohibited. Examples: visible tattoos, brands, body piercing (other than traditional ear piercing for women), earlobe expansion, tongue piercing or splitting, tooth filing and acquiring visible, disfiguring skin implants.

For males, hair must be cut above the ear and off the back of the collar with no defined cut or lines and must be a natural color. Males should be clean-shaven and may have a mustache that should not extend past the corners of the lip. No earrings, necklaces or bracelets may be worn. One ring on each hand and a wristwatch are acceptable.

See?!?  Perfect.  I’ll have to type it up on little cards so our daughter can hand it out in case anyone is interested in becoming a Crosby son-in-law.  :o)  Thank you, Disney!