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Use Drugs and get FREE Goods

April 29, 2008

Has anyone else caught onto the FREE Gift Cards when you transfer your prescriptions?  I have a monthly script to fill and I am making at least $10 a month if not up to $30 a month by transfering it from pharmacy to pharmacy to pharmacy.  The coupons are in the Sunday paper from CVS, Walgreens, Target, Safeway and Albertsons.  Of course, I have to keep track of it all in my daily planner or I don’t remember where it currently is.  Last month I did a FREE $30 Albertson’s gift card and then used coupons combined with their store sales and got TONS (that would be 2,000 pounds) of FREE groceries.  Specifically cereal, granola bars, popcorn and yogurt.  This month I’m going to CVS for $25.  Yes, I learned all this from Coupon Sense.  They rock my socks.

Shop Strong, Sistahs!