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I used to be an Addict

August 11, 2010

A Diet Pepsi addict.  Then I read an article that explained exactly what diet colas do to your body.  They truly should have a skull and cross-bones on them.  So I went cold turkey about four or five months ago… and only had the shakes for about two weeks.  Seriously.  I’ve been drinking lots of water, and can I just say that Phoenix CAP (Central Arizona Project) water tastes horrible.  I’m now on a spring water binge.

So, tonight on the way to the local homeschool support group kick-off meeting, I had a weak moment and bought a diet Pepsi.  I’ve been off of the stuff just long enough that it tastes absolutely horrible now.  I couldn’t even drink it.  It tasted like radiator fluid.  Not that I’ve tasted radiator fluid.  But the diet Pepsi tasted like what I think radiator fluid tastes like.  I threw it away and found a bottle of spring water.

My question is, why doesn’t this happen with other food?  Like fettucine alfredo?  or strawberry cheesecake?  or Hershey bars with almonds?  None of those are good for you either.  I don’t get it.