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Adoption Progress

December 18, 2008


Another Colombian darling.

For those who might wonder what’s going on with our adoption, I’ve put together a time line of our adoption process to this point.  People frequently ask us, “What’s happening with Zaza?”  And our answer is…. “we’re waiting.”  It’s not comforting to be reminded of how long it’s been, but it is reassuring to know people care and are praying… and with each day, we’re one day closer to Zaza being home.  Here’s the whole shabang:

Nov. 2006   Started looking at agencies

Feb. 12, 2007   Sent Application to Commonwealth

Jun. 14   Homestudy completed

May 9   I-600A Application sent

July   Psychological Testing and Report
Aug. 29   Received I-171H
Oct. 20   Dossier sent to Colombia
Feb. 7, 2008   Approved by ICBF in Colombia (Yippy!)
Jun. 14   Update USCIS fingerprints
Aug. 5   Commonwealth Adoptions Int’l Closed
Sep. 25   Signed with Gladney Center for Adoptions
Nov. 8   Update and Addendum to Homestudy 

The February approval started our official wait time.  We’ve heard the wait is between 4 and 30 months.  We just passed month 10.


The Addendum was done to fulfill updating requirements, but also to increase the age of the child we requested from 3-5 years (which means she’ll be between 36 and 60 months old when we get her) to 3-7 years (meaning 36 to 84 months.)  Somehow, two years ago when this all started, we didn’t take into consideration that our three children who are here would also be increasing in age….. duh!  So we increased the age, thinking this could possibly speed up the process as well.  However, we are confident that the Lord has Zaza picked out and she’ll be exactly who and what our family needs.

No More Hot Wheels under the Purple Bed!

November 7, 2008

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of, dream about, pray for and long to hug and kiss our little Zaza who is STILL in Colombia waiting for us.  Nov. 7th officially marks our 9th month of waiting for our adoption referral.  When we initially heard 2 to 30 months….. we hoped and prayed it would be closer to the 2.  Well there’s still five months to go on the “closer” side. 

The Colombian courts close from Dec. 15 to Jan. 15, much to this adoptive mom’s chagrin.  When we do receive the referral, we get the profile checked out by a pediatrician familiar with international adoption and the we give our answer.  (YES!… duh!)  Then we travel within two weeks.  So FAST, it’s scary.  The clincher is that depending upon which region Zaza is living in, we could stay from 4 to 8 weeks in Colombia.  It’s all up to the courts. 

Sadly, there is now not enough time before their Christmas break to fit in the 2 weeks plus 4-8 weeks.  So it’ll be 2009 when we meet our girl.  Yes, we started this whole deal in 2006…….  I can’t say that waiting makes it sweeter… just longer.

Anyway, we’ve been in process so long that our USCIS approval needs and extension and an update to our homestudy.  Since our agency closed a few months back, we had to find a new social worker in AZ who is Hague compliant.  (Hague is the new international regulators/rule makers for adoptions.)  So this Saturday from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. we meet our new case worker and she tours Zaza’s prospective home.  Not a big deal if you keep your house clean and tidy all the time.  BIG HAIRY DEAL if you only keep the downstairs clean and tidy.

Zaza’s room is ready for her…. has been since January.  The walls are painted yellow.  Her vintage, wooden, carved canopy bed from Auntie Connie is painted purple.  The ribbon-encircled lamp is glowing on her curvy, vintage dresser from Auntie Julie.  The lavender butterfly rug from Auntie Donna is snug by the bed.  The blue turtle from Auntie Jill is sitting on the shelf.  The Beatrix Potter book from Auntie Darla is sitting next to the blue turtle on the shelf.  There are even frilly dresses on pink hangers hanging in her closet from Auntie Jilly too.  Just last week Mom and I found a darling, carved wood, two-drawer bedside table… from Grandma.  I still need to repaint it and find knobs, but I had to run up and put it in there to envision Zaza opening the drawers to hide her treasures.

However, our son Keeve decided to keep the bed warm until Zaza gets here.  So, with the 2:00 visit only 48 hours away, Keeve and I cleaned up the Hot Wheel tracks, rolled up the city road rug, put G.I. Joe back in his box, and put Lightning McQueen in the garage sale pile.  It looks like a girly-girl room again and there are officially no more Hot Wheels under the purple bed.  Whew.

Weekend Tidbits

August 23, 2008

Last night I attended a surprise Cowgirl Birthday Round-Up for my friend, Jilly.  The night was quite a hoopla filled with brisket, beans, cowpies, costumes and line dancing.  What fun.  Wish I was a cowgirl…. O.K. not really, but we did have a blast and she was REALLY surprised.

Tonight we’re off to another birthday bash at the Diamondbacks game for Jimbob.  I’m wondering how this is going to go down, being that we are in a heat wave and the ballpark has an open ceiling…. it starts in one hour and twenty minutes and it’s 109 degrees outside.  I need to find my Canadian umbrella hat with the little fan underneath the brim.  Nerdsville FOR SURE!

As for those wondering about our adoption progress since our agency closed three weeks back, we have not decided which agency to go with yet.  We are waiting for a bit more information from two other agencies before we decide.  It’s not an easy decision as there are so many factors to consider.  Thankfully we don’t lose our place in line in Colombia…. still waiting for Zaza, our little girl.

Bags for Zaza had a record breaking week with six bags that were auctioned off for $408!  Wooo Hooo!  We are taking a posting break next week, but not a sewing break, so we’ll be back up on Sept. 1st.

My dear husband has purchased more articles at Home Depot for the toilet that was having issues.  Hopefully tonight we will flush freely with glee once again.  Stay tuned…. or not.  :o)

Make it a great Sunday!

The Good News from the MESS

August 6, 2008

1.  I did not have orangutan-beating dreams involving our X-adoption agency.  I slept just fine, thank you.  (

2.  Our case worker, who shall be called Mabel (heh heh heh), found the missing document that actually proves we are approved for an adopcion of la nina from Colombia.  This is fabulous because without it our whole situation was a guessing game.  Thank GOD!

3.  We will never know what REALLY happened with our X-agency, but that’s OK.  In our case, they did what we paid them to do.  Many of the 372 other families were not as fortunate as us.

4.  I’m still an optimistic, cup-half-full, lookin’-on-the-bright-side individual.  No X-agency can change that.

We had neighbors years ago who had ‘visitors’ at all hours of the night and day… drop in and run. Rick was convinced they were drug dealers.  I suggested that maybe they were Amway distributors with customers who worked graveyard shifts.  (Rick was right, by the way.)

I got this Pollyanna trait from my mother.  Case in point: my sister called home from college to trick mom on April Fools Day… probably about 1991.  Christy told mom that she was in trouble because she had been caught with a guy in her dorm room.  Thinking the absolute BEST of her baby girl, our mother asked, “Did you know he was in there?”  See?!  May I always think the best of my kids like my mom did!

Our Little Zaza… the wait continues

August 5, 2008

Disappointing news today.  Our adoption agency closed.  Bummer, dude.  So we need to find another one to pick up where we are and keep the ball rolling.  We’re not sure what all this entails at the moment, but it is another bump on the very bumpy adoption road.  We are learning that change is indeed the essence of adoption.  The good news is that this wasn’t a surprise to God.  Hold on, Zaza, we’re coming!

Bags for Zaza continues to amaze and raise…. with new styles, fabrics and bidders.  A sincere thank you to all who have been involved in one way or another.  We have raised over $1,900 so far and we’re still sewing.  The perfect bags for school!!!

AND for those who are Steven Curtis Chapman fans, his family is being interviewed on Good Morning America on Aug. 6th.  At least that’s the last I heard.  Check out your local stations.  This is their first interview since SCC returned to the stage after the death of their little angel, Maria.  Should prove tear-jerking.  This family is especially dear to us because we received an adoption grant from their organization Shoahannah’s Hope.  What a great family with heart for God and adoption.  Don’t miss the show.  They are also going to be on Larry King Live and on People magazine next week.

Peace out!  Linda and the Crosbys