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December First and All’s Well

December 2, 2008

Well, not really, but the title sounded good.  For some unknown reason, I blogged faithfully in November but lost part of my brain in the process.  I’m in recovery mode for the next two days here before we leave for California.  Did I mention that in those two days we have a trip to the library, packing, piano lessons, Royal Ranger awards night/party, two hockey practices…. and I’m speaking tomorrow to highly organized pre-school teachers???

Three library books are missing in action.  On my last trip to the library, I was notified that I returned a DVD case minus the DVD.  Wonder where Tut, The Boy King is hiding? 

Unorganization is not usually a strong point for me, so this is all a bit frustrating.  (I don’t think I’m clinically OCD???)  Last night I was digging in the fridge to make dinner and I pulled out various ingredients for planned meals…. but hit a few glitches.  Everything for Chinese Chicken Salad was accounted for except the chicken. The cabbage, green onions, cilantro, ramen noodles and sauce mix were all out when I discovered the missing chicken.  Oh, this takes me back to cornflake fried chicken and memory loss!  I indeed pulled out some frozen thighs and started the long process of defrosting and frying. 


In the meantime I decided to make lasagna.  Rick’s favorite… I’ll score some points!  Ground beef… check.  Mozzarella, ricotta and Parmesan cheeses… check.  Tomato sauce, eggs and parsley.. check.  Lastly, lasagna noodles……   OH GREAT!  The noodle shelf was full of elbows and wagon wheels, but no big flat guys.  Yes, all the Italian ingredients were on the counter next to the Chinese Chicken salad greens.


At this point I threw the garlic loaf in the oven.  I made a pseudo Caesar salad with spinach and croutons.  Lastly, out of desperation, I made garlic-flavored instant mashed potatoes because I love them.  More than Stove Top.  Yes, it was a lame dinner, but hey, it was hot and it only had to serve my husband, myself and our daughter.  It all tasted good, but it felt like we came to dinner in our underwear and jewelry and forgot our pants.

So as we’re gathered around the family dinner table in familial partaking and generational bonding over the lame dinner, guess who rings the doorbell?  Yep, my mom and dad.  The same mother who would never dream of serving such a carb-infested, protein-lacking meal of non-sustenance.  I did point out the chicken in the frying pan and all the lasagna ingredients on the counter…..

If all of December is going to be like this, I quit now.

A Man, A Can and A Plan

October 29, 2008

That is seriously the name of a cookbook that my sister gave my not-very-cook-worthy husband a few years back.  I’m not sure why, but Rick resurrected the Man/Can/Plan last night…. and gave me a night off cooking.  Whew.  The book is quite humorous… it is like a child’s board book with wipe-off pages just in case the Man and the Can go awry.  It is also funny because it shows pictures of everything you need…. PICTURES… so you don’t have to read.   But there are directions… saying things like “manhandle the Fritos to crush them”  and  “dump everything in a skillet”  and “nuke on high” and “slop an equal amount” and “mash the ham”  and on and on.  The subtitle of the cookbook is “50 Great Guy Meals Even YOU Can Make!”  Rick was so proud of himself and his can and the plan that he took a picture.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Yes, that little orange caption says “Avoid a Gas Crisis” and describes how to add liquid Beano to the beans  (tactful?)…… what next?  It actually tasted pretty good if you like pork-n-beans and Fritos… but the caloric intake for one serving was 841!   With a mere 42 g. of FAT. 

There is a whole section at the back using beer.  Rick was rattling off ingredients for me to pick up at the store and I refused even to write the word beer on my list, fearing that a pastor’s wife would find my list in my purse.  Nada on the Jose Cuervo, Big Boy.  Sitck to the Fritos section.  There is also a Spaghettio’s SECTION!  God save us.

Three cheers for men who think they can cook!  Poo Bah!  Poo Bah!  Poo Bah!