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Homeschool Humor

May 6, 2008

We are currently studying Native American Indians.  Today I was reading to the kids about the southwest Indians and their dependence on and ability to raise so many varieties of corn in this harsh landscape.  I had them dig through the pantry, fridge and cupboard to find all the food that includes corn.  It’s practically everything.  They each had to make something for lunch that included corn.  We had tortilla soup, hot dogs and corn chips.  Then I asked them what hominy is.  We are not from the south…. obviously.  Here are their profound answers:

“It’s when there are two people singing different notes that go together in a song.”   :o)    OK, that’s Harmony.  Close, but no prize for you.

“It’s the land where Puff the Magic Dragon lived.”   :o)   OK, that’s Honah Lee.  Close, but no prize for you.

And my favorite answer, with a twisted brow of confusion, “How many WHAT?”

Guess what we’re having for dinner?????