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The Pumpkin Pit

October 18, 2011

The bright orange pumpkins at Walmart have been calling my name for over three weeks.  Today, as I entered said establishment (for the fourth time in 24 hours) I was escorting my two daughters…. who both eyed the orange globes and then eyed their mother with pleading puppy-dog faces.  Larisa found a picture of a carved pumpkin with a picture of a wiener dog that said “Happy Halloweenie!” So with that geniously creative idea, I said OK!  It actually wasn’t that hard of a decision… $3.78.  How can you beat that?  It probably costs more than that to water the vine for the four months growing season!

There were two large bins with a sign that declared them ALL as medium in size.  We pulled a few off the top of the pile and glared hopefully into the pumpkin pit.  Indeed, they were not all created equal.  The queen mother was at the bottom… and I spotted her!  We began to pull the pumpkins off the top of the bin and fill bin #2.  Then when bin #2 was precariously full-almost-to-toppling, we piled the rest on the ground.  The path was clear to the queen mum.  Larisa and I both stepped up on the palate, tiptoed up until the top of the bin was at our waists, and dove in.  Seriously, with our feet off the ground.  It took us two tries, but we succeeded!

We must have looked like we recently came in from the pumpkin patch.  I was wearing what used to be a clean black t-shirt…. now totally covered in dirt and muck from all the pumpkins we moved… and probably from the bin too.  We found the queen mother’s twin sister in the bottom as well.  Another successful day of shopping at Walmart.

The moral of the story is: A pumpkin in hand is worth two in the bin.  :o)

Abiding the Adoption Wait-time

July 6, 2008

Zaza could look like this lil’ darlin’.

Tomorrow is officially the start of our sixth month of being waiting parents for our little Colombian daughter.  Adoption is a weird deal.  It messes with your emotions.  You get hooked on the idea and you cannot stop the daydreaming about your child that you haven’t met. 

There were several little girls Zaza’s age around the house this week.  They are busy little bees. It makes me question our advanced ages for adopting a 3-5 year old.  I just keep quoting my mantra, “I was in my thirties when she was born.  I was in my thirties when she was born.”  It makes me feel like I’m youngish and ready for a pre-school age child.  DRE-E-E-E-EAM, DREAM DREAM DRE-EAM.

On nights like tonight when I’m dead-dog tired, I wonder if I will hold up like the days of old when I had my first go-around with young children.  Looking back I seemed invincible.  I handled it all so effortlessly.  I’m not feeling invincible these days. And nothing is effortless anymore.  Is it my age?  Or is it just the pre-camp counselor blues?  Did I mention DEAD-dog tired?

On a cherrier note, I cannot wait to hold Zaza in my arms and kiss her and wet her black hair with my happy tears.  I’m sure that’ll be a new deal for her… someone that is so happy to see her… overcome with joy… and crying crocodile tears.  I’m not the poker face type.  I’m more the wear-my-heart-on-my-sleeve type.  I think Zaza will appreciate it… on maybe the eighth day, or ninth. 

Mama’s coming, Zaza.  Hold on, girl!   and

OOOOh, I love a good sale!

March 3, 2008

zaza’s lamp

I’m only to be buying things we NEED right now.  The word NEED gets really fuzzy in my mind when I find darling purple or yellow decorations on clearance for Zaza’s room.  Zaza is the name we’ve temporarily given our little Colombian girl until we find out her given name.  The lamp was 75% off…… a mere $7.48… you can’t even buy all that trim for $7.  It was a sign from on high.  Thankfully I recognized it! 

Then in Kohl’s department store, I was wandering around enjoying a few moments to myself, and I happened upon the Me and My Big Sister frame….. 80% off.  Another sign.  When we first told our daughter, Larisa, that we were praying about adopting a little girl, she cried.  “I always wanted a sister, especially when I see you buy things for Auntie Christy, like the Chicken Soup Book for Sisters.”  I brought the frame home and gave it to Larisa…. she teared up again.  I can’t wait to finally take a picture of my two girls and put it in there.

I might as well report my Coupon Sense savings as well from Walgreen’s today, since I’m on the good sale topic:  I got 4 boxes of Anti-Viral Kleenex, 1 Aussie Conditioner, 2 Aussie Mousse, 1 Aussie Hair Spray, 2 Aussie Scrunch Spray, 1 bottle Multi Vitamins for women.  Would have cost:  $44.22.  With coupons, cash back and 1 rebate, I paid $3.60.  Saved 92%!  Shop Strong!