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Is this Old Age setting in?

August 12, 2010

I have come to realize over the years that I have some sort of mild case of dyslexia…. especially when I’m tired.  I’ll be typing along and realize that I used the right finger in the right place, but it was the wrong hand.  Also, if I quickly look at a phone number and then try to dial it, I’ll reverse the last numbers.  This has not hampered me in life, other than having more of a need for spell check than most, I’m assuming.  And I’m real careful with numbers, especially if they are important ones…. like credit cards or bank accounts.

All that to say….. this mild learning difference has now creeped into my speech.  I’ll be chatting along and I’ll use a word that starts with the right letter, but is ENTIRELY the wrong word.  Just this morning I was attempting to say, “I was standing on the porch” and it came out, “I was standing on the pillow.”  Same letter, different word, WHOLE different meaning in the sentence.  My kids find this absolutely hilarious, as kids often do.  I’ve asked for the stapler but said sandwich.  I’ve commanded, “Go make your bed!” but when it came out, “Go make your band-aid!” it threw kids on the floor holding their bellies in loud guffaws. 

My thoughtful children have moved my disability to a new level of gaming….. they hear the word the makes no sense, and it’s a contest to see who can come up with the right word first.  I love the competitive spirit!