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Cuteness in the Backyard!

May 19, 2011

When I first laid eyes on this idea in a magazine, I was sold.  It’s been about two years since I ripped that page right out of that magazine…. and put it in my Idea Binder.  I’ve been waiting for the right chair ever since.  Several prerequisites for the chair were established in my mind: sturdy, wide seat, easily removable seat and CUTE!  The one in the magazine was an old ladder back chair with straight lines and no frills.

Fast forward to 8:45 pm on the Friday night before the 50% off sale day at Goodwill.  I was preshopping the sale for the next day with my husband by my side.  I spied this chair and my heart pitter-pattered a little faster than usual.  I knew it was MY chair for the flower pot idea.  It had a cane seat and darling flowers carved on the legs, seat and back.  The cane had a tear in it… hence the $6 price.

That night Larisa had her friend Sarah sleeping over and I talked them into going with me to Goodwill in the morning…. to stand in line so as to be ready for the mad dash.  As we waited in line, I explained everyone’s role: Larisa was to take Nora, get a cart and head for electronics. (That is where I hid small stuff.)  Sarah was to go directly to furniture, grab the chair and head for electronics.  I explained the chair in detail, so as not to get the wrong chair.  I was bee-lining to electronics.  I told them that as soon as the doors open, there would be an announcement over the loud speaker that says “Please do not run!” I confirmed, “Do not listen to it! … RUN!”

All went as planned and now I have a pretty potted chair in the backyard!

For those DIY-ers, I cut out the cain seat.  Painted the brown chair white.  Sanded the decorative carvings. Then I stapled chicken wire to the bottom of the frame in the shape of a bowl.  I bought one of those basket liner replacements that are an inch thick and made of coconut hair.  I had to cut some triangles out of the edges to get it to fit in the seat.  I wanted it on the patio, but it will drip everytime I water it, so it is on the rocky border next to the patio.  TA DA!

The Play Kitchen is DONE!

January 3, 2011

I discovered this great vanity bench at Goodwill back in the summer.  I don’t understand how Goodwill prices their furniture.  They are WAY too expensive for being in a second-hand store.  Thankfully I was there on 50% off day.  It was still too much, but I had visions of grandeur in my head for a play kitchen for Nora.

For several months I gathered the pieces as I found them…. kitchen sink… stove burners… flower hooks.  I sanded and painted and sanded and painted.  I added a shelf on the support bars underneath, perfect for dishes and cups.  Then I was browsing play kitchens on google and came across several kitchens that had ruffle curtains!  Oh my word.  How adorable.  So, back to the craft store for darling fabric.  I originally planned to put the curtains on dowels, but then I couldn’t figure out how to make them sturdy enough for a vigorous seven-year-old cook.  I ended up putting a strip of wood over the top edge of the fabric and hammering tiny nails all the way across.  Hopefully it will hold through many days of cooking and baking and washing dishes.

Nora loves it, but she did tell me that it is a little too short for her.  She seems to be managing just fine!

Busy Beavers over here!

November 5, 2010

A few months back inspiration hit when I discovered the DIY (do it yourself) play kitchens made out of repurposed furniture.  My little girl definitely needs one!  So the search began for the right nightstand, or side table, or entertainment center.  THEN I stumbled upon the perfect piece at Goodwill and it was even 50% off day!  Sweet mercy, I love when that happens.  It was a shabby chic white vanity bench.

It had a three-inch cushion on the seat, but that was removed within five minutes of being in my garage!  I needed a small piece of furniture because Zaza’s room is not that big… and we’ve squeezed a lot in there already.  This week I started working on it, finally.  There is going to be a sink and a two-burner stove top on the surface.  I put a shelf inside for storage and I’m making cutesy ruffled curtains for the front. 

Here are a few I found for inspiration:

Vintage Looking Play Kitchen

Nightstand Turned Play Kitchen

And my favorite:

Oh, the ruffles and ball fringe make my fruffy heart glad.

While I’ve been in the garage sanding and painting and caulking and sawing, my son has been doing all the same activities in the back yard.  He started making a shed for his tools four or five years ago… and this week he finished it!  It’s too dark for photos tonight, but he did a stupendous job, if I do say so myself.  I’ll take photos tomorrow and add them here.

Like mother, like son.