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High School Reunion

December 6, 2008

On Thursday, the day we arrived after driving all night… looking greasy and forlorn with dark circles under our eyes, Melanie, a friend from highschool, stopped by the home where we are visiting to drop off a sword (another story ENTIRELY!)  What a nice surprise and unexpected visit.

Just like the shampoo commercials of old, she told two friends and they told two friends and she told her sister Serena (another high school classmate) that we are visiting in Calif!  Well, come to find out, Serena, who lives in SoCal, was only an hour away from us here in NorCal at a math conference with her husband the nerdy math teacher.  Serena and I have not seen each other for 15 years so she jumped at the chance of a brief meeting!

All that to say we had a high school reunion lunch with four gals from the classes of 1983, 1984 and 1985.  Three of us had soup and salad; one had a Bacon and Cheese Fat Burger, but her secret is safe with Connie, Melanie and I.  :o)  We talked of teachers, pranks, missing knowledge of subjects we took, riding public transportation with Space Cadet and of classmates that we are still connected to… and those who are MIA. 

We got caught up on our children, spouses, siblings and parents.  Both Serena and Melanie are nearing the empty nest with only one of three kids still at home.  To our envy, they are also enjoying sister trips around the States together.  It was a glimpse of what lies ahead for Connie and I who are in the heart of homeschooling and still have elementary age kids.

Thanks, girls, for a FUN day!  Oh, and Melanie generously donated a wad of fabric to Bags for Zaza!   Wooo Hooo!  Thank you!

(Serena, I’m not laughing yet at today’s escapades… and still sitting gingerly…. please stand by for a thorough blog on the mishap in the days to come.)