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Chompy Would Have Been a Better Name

January 22, 2012

This puppy is lucky he is cute…. and cuddly… and adorable.  This is the Christmas puppy, Ringo, that is so adored and cherished by many people each day.  To say he is spoiled is the understatement of the century.  BUT… here is the list of what he has chewed SO FAR.  (And it’s not like we are leaving stuff lying around… he goes searching for things to chew… while his chewy toys are scattered on the floor and all over the backyard.) 

The camoflage New Testament that Connor gave Keeve. (I was surprised he could see that one.)

Most of the drip lines that run to my potted plants.  I do remember Trixie doing this too, but we lived in a rental for a short period of time when she did this.  I am now hand watering my plants….  

Johnny Tremain, the book that is.  Not only does Johnny get a crippled hand, but now he has been chewed up by a six-inch tall doggy and thrown away. 

The picture of our nephew Mason.  Seems it fell from the display board in the laundry room and Ringo found it.  I couldn’t very well throw away a relative, so Mason is back up on the board…. chewed.

A wooden zoo puzzle that we have had in the family for 18 years…. mostly just the monkey who was riding the unicycle got his head chewed off… but that sort of made the puzzle not pleasing to look at.

The last roll of TP on the TP stand in the bathroom.  There are five or six rolls on there… waiting to be used.  I think we may just leave the bottom one on there for a while…. all chewed up and mangled.

I don’t recall how long the chewing phase lasts, but I pray it is short lived.  Thankfully, Ringo is so cute.