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Munk Dunk

September 23, 2008

O.K., is it just me that didn’t know about Munk Dunk?  We were driving to a sheep farm with my nephew, my niece and our family of five in the van.  They randomly started calling out the words “Munk Dunk” and I finally asked what in the world was up.  Well, it’s the latest version of Slug Bug without the punching part however, you yell “Munk Dunk” when you see a yellow car/truck/train/motorcycle/Popsicle man/scooter, etc.

So the drive was going along relatively peacefully with a few Munk Dunks here and there, as I was reading an historical novel in the passenger seat, when pandemonium broke out in the back of the van.  All five kids were screaming “Munk Dunk” as loud and as many times as they could.  Completely unacceptable, in my motherly opinion.  I looked up from my book to see that we were passing a parking lot of yellow work trucks.  Too funny.  It looked something like this, only times 10.

I think it is a Canadian game, but we played Padiddle when we were in college and all the way up until yesterday.  You can only play it at night, but the gist is that when you see a car with only one headlight working, you hit the ceiling with one hand and holler “Padiddle.”  My life Paddiddles is 206.  Not bad for 18 years.  If it turns out to be a motorcycle, you minus one point.  Oh the fun never stops.  :o)