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Oh Say Can You See?

June 28, 2008

Today was Rick’s Naturalization ceremony and he is officially an American citizen.  Wooo HOoo!  A photo essay is certainly appropriate at this time.

Here he is in the royal blue shirt swearing allegiance to the sweet land of liberty with 91 other new brothers and sisters.  (Notice that black hair was obviously a requirement to get in to the US.)

The judge gave three new citizens the opportunity to speak before the crowd in the circular courtroom.  Of course, Rick jumped at the opportunity, being trained in hermeneutics and exegesis and aeronautics and all that. He was the best speaker, by far, no offense to the others who were speaking in their non-native tongue.  Rick briefly mentioned that he married an American and we lived in Canada for 10 years.  Then we moved here 11 years ago.  He told about his job at ADOT flying the Secretary of State around Arizona to set up polling stations and ballot counting machines for elections…. elections in which he wasn’t allowed to vote.  So right before the price increase, he decided to become an American so he could vote.  (This comment got some good laughter from the crowd.) Then he encouraged all 91 other newbies to vote… as it is now their right, privilege and duty.  He was sweet American eloquence in motion…. wrapped in Elvis-ish sideburns.

Then the President of the United States of America showed up (via DVD and some sweet big screens) and welcomed the newcomers to their home.

Next, ten children of the new Americans were called by name to the front to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  Keeve was pretty excited because his name was announced first.  Aus and Keeve are the styling boys on the right in plaid and patchwork shorts….. note Elvis on the right.  Larisa also went forward, but she is directly behind that tall gal in the red dress.

After the pledge, we all stood and waved little American flags and loudly sang “I’m Proud to be an American.”  I must say, the fellows in the front, including the judge, waved their flags with vigor.  The heartfelt song brought many tears to the courtroom.

And then it was over…. and there were FIVE Americans in the Crosby family in the District of Arizona.  One, two, three, four, FIVE.  Finally.

Congratulations, Rick__ Allan Crosby.  Did I mention that 75 of the 92 new citizens chose to change their names????  Just some interesting trivia.  Veeeerrrrry interesting.

Please stayed tuned for tomorrow’s blog where photographic evidence will be revealed showing the American graffiti and damage done to our home and land whilst we were doing our civic duty.