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Elvis is in the House

February 28, 2008


I believe this is how Elvis got his start, with homemade double-neck, cardboard guitars with yarn straps.  Not to mention the double breasted blazer that is 4 sizes too small…. well, Elvis did wear his outfits about 25 lbs. too long before getting newer, bigger, flashier, peacock-studded ones.  Thank God for stretchy polyester.

When I uttered the words, “Take a bath and get your jams on,” I truly did not see this coming.  Keeve usually only wears pj bottoms, but the mohawk, blazer and guitar did bring a much needed smile to my face after a long day.  Keeve is our rock star.  His Christmas list included: cardboard, spray paint and sharpie pens.  Cheaper than an X-box!  He has mass-produced his stylistic cardboard guitars…. triangular, mini, 25 string, 3 and 4 necks, keyboards (yes, on the guitar) and many more that have slipped my mind.  Most of them are hanging on his bed post… readily available for upcoming airband concerts.

We haven’t figured out exactly what Keeve’s TAG (talents, abilities, gifts) is yet, but I surmise it involves hard rock, head-banging, guitar-vibrating, blast-your-mother’s-ears-out music.  Oh, and lest we forget Keeve’s talent of dancing “the worm.” Remember the Evolution of Dance on You-Tube?  He memorized all the moves and improved a few of them.  I think being double-jointed aids his dance moves.

Yesterday Keeve went on itunes and found a clip of Elvis’ famous Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love…. he played it so many times that we were all singing it ALL day and even in our sleep.  Glad that’s over.  I can’t wait to see how he perfects this “talent” in his teenage years.  Thank God, those foamy, bright orange earplugs are free at the airport where Rick works.