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Pink Foamy Rollers!!!

April 4, 2011

Yes, Nora was initiated into the pink foamy roller beauty treatment last night!  It was her first time ever having curlers in her beautiful, long black hair.  Her hair has some natural curl to it, so it held the curls all day without spray.  The real deal was…. we were practicing for Easter.  I didn’t want an afro on Easter Sunday for my darling Colombian princess.

Growing up, my sister and I wore these foamy pink wonders every single Saturday night… so we, along with all the other girls at Sunday School, mirrored Shirley Temple with bouncy ringlets to show off our mother’s talent at rolling hair.  My sister reminded me that she always sat and watched the Lawrence Welk Show while her hair got rolled.  I just remember Dippety-Do and staring in the bathroom mirror until the rolling was complete.  Being a Crosby, I discovered that my sisters-in-law also endured the pink foamy wonders… but theirs were topped off with a kerchief to hold the rollers in place all night long.  Great idea.  I found a 1980’s rock star bandana in Rick’s drawer and tied up the rollers for beddy-bye-time.

Nora asked LOTS of questions regarding this styling technique.  Did YOU wear them?  Did LARISA wear them?  Will the boys laugh at Nora?  Nora is supposed to SLEEP with these in???  And on and on.  She did tell me, “Ma, you is good at dis.”

This morning, some of the rolled hair was still damp, so we waited until noon to take them out.  Nora was VERY impressed with the results and decided that curly hair would go nicely with her new Easter dress that Grandma got her! (Side note on the dress selection: Nora was picking racy looking dresses of shiny polyester with gathers across the middle, glitter on the fabric, sleeveless and mini skirts!  Egads!  Grandma was holding up nice cotton gingham dresses with butterfly pockets……thankfully Nora settled for cotton and some butterflies… but no gingham.)

Here is the latest in Shirley Temple look-alikes.

That was right after the curlers came out!  The rest are after a whole day of playing!