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Vacations are Underrated!

June 22, 2011

Every year we come to Lake Tahoe during the summer…. it is honestly a little slice of heaven on earth.  The temperature is particularly inviting because we abide in Phoenix…. the Valley of the Sun.  I happened upon the weather at home today and it was a blistering 114.  It was a balmy 76 here at the lake… with a light breeze… and slightly cloudy skies that randomly hid the sun from view. It is sublime.

As a homeschool mom, you would assume that my life is somewhat lackadaisical with relaxed schedules and leisure time at hand.  Not so.  Imagine the pressure of your four children’s education resting solely on your shoulders.  It’s A LOT to think about…. and more so than not, why I completely appreciate our time in Tahoe.  I do not bring one iota of school with us. OK, that was a lie.  I did bring two audio books from our literature list next year.  OK, AND a small reader.  After being away from our home for approximately 35 minutes, I realized that the audio books were useless because we no longer possess a functioning portable CD player.  My driving shift started at 2:30 a.m. ….. when I was not afforded the luxury of using the car stereo for my American History literature choices…. simply because four other people wanted to sleep at 2:30 am.  How selfish.

The 1850s novel I’m reading purely for pleasure has been cracked open but once during the past three days on the lake.  How have I been busily spending my time, you ask? Relaxed in the sand I stared in a catatonic state at the crystal blue water for several hours.  Perched on the couch I gazed at the aqueous goodness beyond the patio doors for long periods of time.  Parked at the kitchen table I played game after game after game after game. Today we all walked into town.  TWO whole miles one way… uphill… in the snow (well, it would be snowing in January, but we are here in June.)

Somehow the cerulean water calms my spirit.  Surprisingly, breathing is easier up at 7,500 feet due to lack of stress.  This scenery allows me to collect myself and ease off of the pressures of home.  Vacations are WAY underrated in my humble opinion.

Education Schmeducation

October 2, 2008

My parents did an exceptional job choosing our High School.  It was a Christian school at our church with about 150 kids, sports teams, cheerleaders, homecoming, lockers, elections for Student Body President, Snow Ski Club, etc.  Looking back…. it was the foundation of my association that kept me out of trouble and highly busy with school life.  I loved high school.  No offense to mom and dad, or the school, but I don’t remember a THING about science or history or geography….  I do remember English, Spanish and Math, but I liked those subjects. 

What do I have now that I gained in High School?  1. Dear friends that we still vacation with each year.  2.  Glimpses of Scripture memory that can still be recited… like the entire book of Ephesians. 

What led to this blog?  I’m preparing my kid’s unit study for the next four weeks on the Electoral Process.  O.K., I’ll admit, my newly-American-citizenized husband should be teaching this because it’s all new to me.  Sadly.  (But remember, I have vast amounts of Ephesians memorized.)  I think this is why I enjoy teaching my kids at home.  I’m learning so much. 

Tomorrow is wool dying day.  Come back for pictures of stained hands and clothes.  Same bat time.  Same bat channel.