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Happy SEVENTIETH Birthday, Mom!

September 10, 2008

Can I just say, I’m hoping and praying that I look this good when I turn 70!  My mother is beautiful inside and out.  She does not look 70!  At all!  She’s even got her bling-on-denim going on here:  (She was 69 1/3 years old in this photo, just for the record.)

You know how your parents are your parents and you don’t think they should really be anything different than they are?  (Was that confusing?)  It’s like growing up in your family, no matter the financial circumstances you think it’s the same for everyone else.  Anyway, I have watched my parents gracefully age, but I did not fully understand how young they look until Rick and I were on a cruise a few years back.  They had a nearly-wed game and called three couples to the front to participate:  The newest married, 25 years married and 50 years married.  I was thinking in my head that the 50 year couple was only two years ahead of my parents, but I was spellbound when I witnessed this little, hunched-over, grey haired couple shuffle to the front of the ship.  They looked 20 years older than my folks.  Rick’s mouth was hanging open as he also witnessed the shuffle.  Without taking his eyes off the elderly couple he proclaimed, “Your parents look GREAT!” 

So upon this glorious day celebrating my mother’s 70th Birthday, I thought a photo essay of 70th Birthday pictures was entirely appropriate.  (I love Google images.)  First up we have Eleanor Roosevelt in all of her glory cutting her cake.  Sorry mom, that your cake was not quite this elaborate.  We did the best we could under the current Weight Watcher’s point system.  Not only do these two fine ladies share a name, but I think Eleanor kind of looks like my mom’s mother a little bit.  There is a resemblance.

Next on the block is an unknown 70 year old celebrating like the best of ’em.  Look at her fingering… you can tell she is used to holding a six string.  (I never thought of getting blow-up musical instruments for your party, Mom….. sorry again.)


And here’s a real beauty, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, who turned 70 earlier this year.  She is grace and dignity, just like my mom.

Is anyone else sensing the difference between the ladies in the last three photos and the one of my mom???  Or is it just me?  Am I biased?  Is it these rose colored glasses I have on????  Am I the only one who thinks my mom is prettier than your mom??? (oooooh, Mom told me never to say that.)

Happy 70th Birthday, Mom.  You are the best mom in the world.  You’re fun and fun-loving, and fun to tease, and fun to be with.  F-U-N!  (And I’m really your favorite, aren’t I?)