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Kids Even Got It Figured Out!

October 16, 2008

My nine year old son already has enough common sense to vote in a presidential election.  Here is his journal entry from school yesterday:

“What makes a great president is a president that cares for us unlike Obama would ’cause if he dosen’t care about (unborn) babies he wouldn’t care about us.  McCain is a good president.”

Yep, that about sums it up.

We’re studying the electoral process right now, as is only appropriate for this day and season.  We are having elections soon between two candidates from our homeschool group.  They are filming their campaign ads tomorrow.  Should be highly entertaining.  One of the slogans is “Vote Blond Not Brown.”  I suggested that this might not be a wise idea…. but what do I know?  The kids also still have to make ballots, the ballot box and the voting booth.  When all voting is completed next week, in turn they will be drawing the electoral votes out of a hat.  So we really won’t know who has won until the end…. just like the REAL election. 

Do your duty.  VOTE!

Education Schmeducation

October 2, 2008

My parents did an exceptional job choosing our High School.  It was a Christian school at our church with about 150 kids, sports teams, cheerleaders, homecoming, lockers, elections for Student Body President, Snow Ski Club, etc.  Looking back…. it was the foundation of my association that kept me out of trouble and highly busy with school life.  I loved high school.  No offense to mom and dad, or the school, but I don’t remember a THING about science or history or geography….  I do remember English, Spanish and Math, but I liked those subjects. 

What do I have now that I gained in High School?  1. Dear friends that we still vacation with each year.  2.  Glimpses of Scripture memory that can still be recited… like the entire book of Ephesians. 

What led to this blog?  I’m preparing my kid’s unit study for the next four weeks on the Electoral Process.  O.K., I’ll admit, my newly-American-citizenized husband should be teaching this because it’s all new to me.  Sadly.  (But remember, I have vast amounts of Ephesians memorized.)  I think this is why I enjoy teaching my kids at home.  I’m learning so much. 

Tomorrow is wool dying day.  Come back for pictures of stained hands and clothes.  Same bat time.  Same bat channel.