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Puttin’ on a Pondering Party

July 11, 2012

A few jots and tittles that I have pondered lately are worthy of blog space here and now.

The term “Know-It-All” is a falsehood.  If a Know-It-All truly knew it ALL then they would be aware of all that they do not know.  They usually need to know social graces, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and the fine art of sitting at someone’s feet where learning is had…. but then they would have to admit that they don’t really know it all in the first place. See?

Women usually can’t have 99 babies.  I was asked about this today by my 8-year-old, who is turning 9 tomorrow.  I did some quick calculations of years of possible childbirth x multiple births = not usually more than 99 babies.  But it could be possible.  But not usually.  99 is a lot.

We are all shades of brown.  It’s true.  Shades are made by adding white or black to a color.  You can pretty well mix any skin tone with brown and white or black.  Except newborn babies… they are red (and sometimes look like monkeys…. like my little sister did.)

Skinny jeans almost always make you look skinny if you were skinny to start with.  If you are not skinny to start with, skinny jeans do not make you appear skinny.  That’s the gospel truth, right there.

No people were killed in the making of the movie Gladiator.  Just wanted to throw that out there.  I hope it’s true.

If you’re so smart, then why are you still _____________(late, fat, at that job, mean, getting angry, making excuses, etc.)  Fill in the blank with whatever inadequacy you are facing in life.  We can all learn in some area where improvements can be made.  Find something about yourself to improve each day.  Start with smiling more.  Smiling is my favorite.

You WILL make time for what is most important to you in your life.  Wow!  Reality check time!

ThE EaSy LiFe

July 8, 2009

fort, bags 006

Ahhhh, summer living.  The relaxed life.  No schedule.  Time on your hands.  No electronic games or movies (as per mom.)  What to do?  What to do?  A blanket fort, of course.  This shelter has been set up in our dining room since Monday.  The boys built it with their cousin, but Keeve is the sole soul sleeping in there, besides the dog.  Why sleep in your bed when you can sleep on the floor?  It’s not exactly “roughing it”.  Keeve brought Zaza’s lamp, his i-home, his gameboy, his hot wheels, his webkins (remember when they were just called stuffed animals?), his water bottle, his notepad and pen, and his light-up elf slippers, etc.  Luxury at his fingertips.

fort, bags 005

The other item in the photo that makes me laugh is the navy blue robe Keeve is sporting.  It was Rick’s “dorm shirt” from TWU “1&2 Lower” from 1985.  I remember him wearing it once or twice since then, but it is on the “extremely short” side of decent.  It is silky and has Chinese symbols on the collar and a big orange tiger on the back.  Keeve thinks it’s like Rocky’s boxing robe…. and ultimately cool.  Go figure!  I’ve tried to talk Rick out of keeping that robe for 24 years.   Finally, someone is wearing it and it’s not just taking up room in the closet. 

Maybe I should have kept my Michael Jackson white leather jacket???  Shoot!