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Estados Unidos Excitement!

December 9, 2010

Tonight I went into Nora’s room to dry her hair (from swimming!) and put her to bed.  This was obviously the first time she’s had her hair dried with a blow dryer.  First she was scared of the noise, then she giggled and danced and spoke rapidly in Spanish the entire time I dried her hair.  It was hilarious. 

As I tucked her in, I explained in my supremely lame Spanish that tomorrow we are going to the zoo.  She obviously didn’t understand the word ZOO because her eyes got BIG and she asked excitedly if we were going to the Estados Unidos tomorrow!  (The United States)  No, I unfortunately explained.  It is seven more days until we go to Bogota and then seven MORE days until we go to the USA.  That’s a long time when you’re 7 years old!

Rick asked me tonight if I have heard what Nora thinks about the United States.  The only thing I’ve heard so far is that she thinks it is in another galaxy.  Wow!  We plan to ask Nora a bunch of questions and videotape her answers so we have it as a keepsake.  We were going to do it today, but after last night’s rockin’ party, our naps interfered with our illustrious plans.  Mañana!