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The Eyes Have It!

December 5, 2012

nora's glasses

Remember me complaining about teaching English as a second language?  Remember me whining about teaching adding and subtracting over and over and over again?  Remember me handing over my Colombian Princess to her brothers so they could teach her math, so I wouldn’t feel like banging my head on the kitchen table, like all good homeschool moms feel like doing?  Remember me being so sick of BOB books that I wanted to cry… and just maybe I did a few times.  I assumed this was ALL due to English as a second language.  OR my lack of skills in teaching English as a second language.  And I thought maybe I was too old to have the necessary patience to teach a small child again.  NOT SO, as it happened. (That was for you, Jane.)

Nora’s piano teacher commented to me that it seems Nora has difficulty discerning when the notes on the music staff go up and down.  She asked if she also has trouble with reading or numbers.  DUH!  HER EYES!  Today was a special day.  ALL four Crosby kids lined up and had eye exams.  Guess which one needed glasses for reading and math and piano???  Yes!  She picked out darling little glasses that are purple on the top and clear on the bottom.  They will arrive in a week.

The joy in my heart is almost unexplainable.  In the ophthalmologist’s office, after the diagnosis was given, I gushed to my eldest daughter, “I feel like the clouds over our homeschool have just cleared and there is a ray of sun shine beaming down giving me hope again.”  She’s been by my side for 19 years…. she rolled her eyes at me and exclaimed, “Don’t you think that’s a bit dramatic, Mom?”  But it’s not.  It is truth.  Straight up.  God showed up and I don’t feel quite so lame anymore.  I’m even a tad eager to see if adding and subtracting is CLEARER now!  Glory be!  Thank God for other people who are paying attention to my children!