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Air Soft Wars Promote Well Rounded Kids

July 26, 2008

Funny that I found this picture on my computer from last year here at Lake Tahoe.  This is exactly where I’m sitting this minute enjoying this exact view…… well, in addition to our children and their friends running around the back yard dodging pellets, wearing eye protective goggles and shooting each other…. with smiles on their faces.

Now, some mothers would consider me less-than for promoting violence with guns… right in the backyard.  But I think there’s much to be learned from air soft wars.  Please read on.

#1.  Things are not always as they seem.  Take for instance air-SOFT.  If you have been hit in close range by ammo from such a gun, you know there is nothing soft about it.  Bruises will result.  A valuable life lesson for not believing everything you hear.  Test things out.  Go to the source.  Test drive.

#2.  Safety First.  Always.  I would consider myself a mother of ill repute if I indeed sent my children to shoot at each other WITHOUT eye protection.  Duh!  We all know you can shoot an eye out!  Always wear eye protection.  I mean really.  If you lose an eye, it will be much more difficult to perceive the depth and distant of those you are trying to shoot.  A definite disadvantage.

#3.  Friends don’t let friends get shot without backup.  Seriously.  Everyone needs friends…. those people you can truly count on to support you and yell, “I gotchyour back!” when you execute a strategic plan of attack.  You will need friends your whole life.  Make some now.  And pick the smaller, wiry ones who fit behind trees and can roll under bushes.  It never hurts to be picky when you choose friends.

#4.  Exercise is a necessity for life.  Chasing, hiding, running, dodging, tuck-n-rolling, belly-crawling are all highly aerobic activities to get your heart in the target zone to promote optimal health.  Air soft wars offer a sack-full of health smart activities that work large and small muscle groups, promote hand-eye coordination, provide heart rate training, add a little competition and an adrenaline rush or two and it’s bound to keep you in tip top shape.

#5.  Never shoot your mother.  Now this one should go without saying, but I find myself repeating it often during intense battle configurations.  This should be the 11th commandment.  Honestly, who will wash your clothes and cook your meals if mom is out of the picture….. or mad at you for shooting her out of the air soft game????

Long live mis-named, safe, friendly, healthy games where mom wins.  When mom wins everybody wins.