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$100 Hole in my Pocket

October 1, 2011

I’ve had $100 to spend on ME for over two months now.  That may not sound like much… but for me, that is a pretty sum…. because it doesn’t have to be spent on underwear, or socks, or dish towels, or anything else “needed” at the moment.  I’ve spent much time in contemplation for my deepest heart’s desire at the moment.  I need clothes desperately, but I’m still losing pounds, so I don’t want to buy “in between” clothes with my precious $100.  (And BTW, I just passed 50 pounds GONE!)  I’m a jewelry hound by heredity, but I would love my new jewelry to match my new clothes that I will buy in a few months.  And there is a $100 hole in my pocket RIGHT NOW!  I’ve never been a patient girl… going through the adoption process proved that to me in a glaring way.

This morning I had one of those epiphany moments… when you think of something so logical and cannot believe that it took you this long to come to this realization.  Well, since ‘epiphany’ means a sudden, intuitive perception of the essential meaning of life… usually religious, this wasn’t exactly an epiphany.  It was not religious in this instance.  I’m buying dinner plates.  Ta da!  That’s it!

One of the suggestions on the healthy eating plan that I’m buying into currently, is to replace your 11″ dinner plates with 9″ ones.  I get it.  Less food fits on the 9″ plate.  At first I balked at the idea… I mean seriously… couldn’t you simply remember to put less food on the plate?  Apparently not.  I’ve had 45 years of training in filling my plate.  My husband’s life philosophy regarding restaurants is the most amount of food for the least amount of moolah.  See what I’m up against?

Fiesta Cobalt Blue Dinnerware Set

Thankfully we use Fiesta Ware dishes.  I can buy individual pieces that match with ease.  And there is a 9″ plate that is exclusive to Kohl’s stores.  It is called the buffet plate… and they are on sale this weekend…. and there is a 30% off coupon on top of that.  See how the stars aligned for this moment and my $100 hole???  Maybe this was an epiphany!

Broken Glass

July 22, 2009

broken glass 001

It would seem that we are in a current trend of breaking glass dishes on the tile floor in our kitchen.  We’ve lived in this house for four years and I think we have broken more glass items in the last month than the rest of the four years added together.  Here are just a few examples.

The night we were leaving for Lake Tahoe, my Dad came over to save me from my husband’s wrath, by bringing a back rest for Rick to use on the 14 hour drive.  Rick HAD a back rest for 20+ years, but it had seen better days.  I had already repaired and replaced the cover of said back rest.  But wear and tear had produced yet another hole in the cover and there was a chunk of the actual foam worn away too.  I’m sure it smelled horrible too, but I didn’t actually check.  No thanks.  The old, worn, tired and sad back rest ended up in the loft where I sew.  On a day when I was overwhelmed with junk piling up and projects up to my ears, I threw away the back rest.  Rick found out the night we were leaving for Tahoe.  Dad to the rescue.  All that to say, I ate a quick bowl of cereal before we were about to leave and went to hug my dad with the bowl in my hand.  Down the bowl went… and our trip was delayed for another ten minutes.

I have Fiesta dishes in my kitchen and matching salt and pepper shakers on the table for everyday use.  Twice now, one of the shakers has given the kiss of death to the beautiful brown tile.  Presently we only have pepper on the table.  I’m waiting impatiently for Fiestaware to go on sale at Kohl’s.  I even have a coupon…..

Two days ago we were gathered around the kitchen table eating ice cream while having family devotions.  Just as Austin read the first verse, Keeve’s elbow took out a glass and it shattered on the floor.  Immediately all five of us lifted our feet.  I asked, “Who has on shoes?”  No one.  We were all barefoot.  So, brave and mighty Rick (the furthest from the most glass shards) got up from the table and went to find shoes.  He came back to the table wearing shoes and announced, “Why don’t we just finish reading the Bible and then I’ll clean it up.”  We were all straining our tummy muscles to keep our feet from touching the ground… and said, “No!”  But Rick was determined to finish devotions, so we all placed our feet sideways on other chairs and continued listening about not loving the things of this world while the glass waited on the floor.

I’m hoping the trend is now over.