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It’s ALMOST Comical

January 17, 2012

Yes, I’m talking about one more glitch in the adoption process.  Yes, we have adopted the Colombian Princess.  Yes, it is final in Colombia and recognized in the USA.  She is ours. We are hers.  Done…. with papers to prove it.  She is an American citizen and we have a pretty paper to prove that too. BUT, we are in the process of re-adopting in our state so we will have an US adoption decree, an US birth certificate and the final name change decree, which the courts in Colombia wouldn’t allow. (Even though she asked for her name to be shortened, they wouldn’t change it because she was over 5 years old.)  We all know how important it is to prove that you are a natural-born citizen OR have hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover up that you aren’t…. but I digress.

I assumed re-adoption in Arizona would be easier than an international adoption.  It is slightly. Of course we had to get our fingerprints done for the ninth time.  Since our eldest daughter turned 18 in the process, she also got to join in fingerprinting fun.  More financial statements.  More home visits.  More paperwork.  You may recall a blog about the need to prove that our dog had the rabies vaccine too.  (Do they really think the type of people who go trough this whole rigmarole to adopt a child would not get their dog protected against rabies?) Seriously.

We are so close to getting our final court date here in AZ, but come to find out, we didn’t have an English translation of the Sentencia, the final Colombian Adoption Decree.  Ironically, I could not get a straight answer out of anyone at the County Attorney’s Office as to whether this translation had to be certified and/or notarized.  Our social worker was eventually able to pull some strings and get some answers for us.  We sent the Spanish version off to our friend in Colombia for translation, and we received an email back that said there is a mistake on the original, official, final, Colombian Sentencia.  This is almost comical.  Thankfully, our friend could go to the court and get it changed, so we don’t have challenges later.  OF COURSE this includes more time, more money, more paperwork.  Really?

If you are adopting from Colombia, make sure you get a translated copy of the Sentencia BEFORE you leave Bogota!!!

One translating step forward and two adoption process steps backwards.  Some day we will be done.  Some day.

Good Times with USCIS

June 3, 2009

Up until 6:00 p.m., today was quite frustrating.  Our VERY important paper from the USCIS that extends the approval our international adoption, the I171-H, has not arrived.  I did my part, but I really should have been on this MONTHS ago. I didn’t realize it was tardy as life got busy as per usual.  Our original I171-H expired in Feb., but in Jan. I sent in the request for the extension.  I did get an I171-H back, but it simply stated that our fingerprints were OK’d for another year and didn’t mention our approval date.  (I still can’t figure out how fingerprints expire???) Our case worker from Texas has been on this for more than a month but getting through to the Phoenix Field Office is like cracking the BIG case.  They do not answer the regular phone… you just leave a message.  They do not return phone calls in any mannerly fashion at all.  It is highly frustrating.

So I took the bull by the horns and drove downtown to the CIS office.  The bull was hiding behind a skinny, little door guard that wouldn’t even LET ME IN!  I explained that I needed to talk to someone inside about our adoption case.  He calmly explained (somewhat mockingly) that I had to make an appointment to get through the untouchable door.  I almost calmly explained that the CIS people do not answer their phone, so HOW COULD I GET AN APPOINTMENT?????   He handed me a brochure IN SPANISH that gave the website where I could set up an appointment to drive all the way back downtown and pay $5 to park AGAIN to talk to a human being behind the forbidden door.  I explained to the little man that the CIS office has deplorable customer service.  He calmly explained that I could let them know how I feel by following the directions on the pamphlet that he gave me.  I said, “IT’S IN SPANISH!”  I could have easily picked him up and swung him around over my head, but I didn’t want to make a scene… and it was 109 degrees today and that would’ve made me all sweaty.  So I left with some dignity intact.

When I arrived home, I whipped out my Spanish paper and went to make an appointment so I could go see the little man for a second time.  Well, seems you have to have a case number to make an appointment.  Adoption approvals don’t have case numbers.  I couldn’t even make an appointment.  I called the 1-800 number and talked to three people who could barely speak English all working for USCIS, who informed me that adoptions are only handled at the field offices.  I asked if anyone knew how I could talk to someone in the Phoenix office and all I got was an email address.  Someone would get back to me in 48 hours.  I emailed our dilemma and went to the kitchen to make dinner.

Rick arrived in the kitchen at that point and I explained how LAME our government offices are… in detail while the steam fumed from my ears.  I couldn’t even leave a complaint on the website without a case number.  Fried chicken and sliced potatoes kept my attention diverted for a while.  Then at 6:00 p.m. the phone rang.  Rick answered and started waving his arm at me while saying, “I think you need to talk to my wife.”  Unbelievably, it was an extremely intelligent, English speaking, kind-hearted woman from the Phoenix CIS Field Office.  She apologized profusely about the delay in our I171-H form.  She explained that she was moved to another office, but saw my email and checked on it herself.  She said it must have been put in…. (she hesitated and stammered)…  “Not the circular file?” I asked.  She laughed and thankfully said no.  Apparently I dotted every i and crossed every t to perfection but the form was not sent in reply.  She will mail out my form in the morning.  THEN she gave me her name and direct number in case I needed any help from CIS again.  I’m sure she was an angel.  I think she may be getting her wings for this act of kindness.  Thank you, kind angel.

Summer Kids 4 Sale CHEAP!

June 15, 2008

Ever have those days???  Maybe it was because I taught Wacky Crafts and Missions for a whole week at VBS that I was shy on the patience side.  125 kids coming and going in groups of 20 … every 20 minutes…  enough to make any mother scoot over near the edge. 

Yesterday was the absolute last day I could be fingerprinted for kids camp.  It was 109 degrees… which somehow makes errands NOT fun.  At all. I was searching through my handy-dandy mini yellow pages that we keep in the van for such a time as this…. trying to find a closer fingerprinter to our current location.  Aha!  One was located.  So I called to see how late they were open, so as not to miss the 23 year-old that is sanctioned to take 42 year-old mother’s fingerprints for kids camp.  While I’m trying to hear the automated message I feel a set of wriggly toes coming between the back rest of my bucket seat and the actual seat part I’m sitting on.  They are on a mission to find my bum.  I’m trying to ignore them…. but there is sheer will to drive mother crazy sitting directly behind me…. I finally turn and yell, “Get your toes out of my bum!” and the children in the van break into hysterics so loud that it is impossible for me to hear the automated voice with the pertinent information I’m seeking. 

Why?  Oh why?  Why do they do this?????  I never dug my toes into my mom’s bum in the car seat in front of me.  And I spent many a LONG summer vacation drive in the station wagon seat behind her.  I don’t ever even remember the prank entering my mind.  It must be a gene from the Crosby side.

Current Affairs

June 14, 2008

Here’s the latest:

The guppy explosion is currently being effectively managed.  This past week was VBS, so I gave away over 50 fish to wide-eyed little kids who have no idea what will happen in their new fish tanks…  heh heh heh.  One family inadvertently took a small bowl with two pregnant mama fish, but they have 5 kids, so they’ll understand.  AND I finally purchased a baby-guppy-eating fish to handle and new circle of life that tries to rear its ugly prolific head in our fish tank.  Huh uh, baby.  It’s over.

I’m done being glamorous and now I’m cool for the summer.  Yes, I chopped my hair.  I thought of donating to Locks of Love, but they don’t accept anything under 12 inches.. .and I only had 2 inches.  BUT, it’s dramatically changed my appearance and my neck is ready for 120 degrees summer heat.  Bring it on, baby.

Today is fingerprint day.  Rick and I both get our federal adoption fingerprints re-done this afternoon BEFORE they expire.  I’m very relieved to have this done in time.  I’ve read on adoption loops about several families who let their fingerprints expire… what a nightmare of bureaucracy and paper work.  AND I have to be “state” fingerprinted to be a camp counselor for kids camp.  This is my 6th year attending… and my first year fingerprinted.  Think of all the mayhem a smarmy fugitive could have wreaked on innocent campers for the past 5 years????  Luckily for them, I’m a law-abiding, God-fearing mom.

Thanks to faithful blog readers like yourself, Bags for ZAZA is a smashing success.  I’ve joined the sewing team and will have my first four bags on this weekend… hopefully.  Thank you to all who have linked to your sites.  With the special requests complete, I think we are near the fundraising goal.  But alas, do not fear, new goals are being considered at large wooden conference tables behind closed doors this minute, and more bags will be available.

Peace out.

Down time? What down time?

May 28, 2008

Just when I was hoping to lie on my yard swing and read historical novels to take me away from the here and now to an English garden and young love… I made a “to do” list last night.  Shoot.  Down time starts on June 14, as far as I can tell.

Adoption news: Nothing substantial, just our fingerprints expiring and needing renewal.  I don’t really understand how fingerprints can expire????  They don’t change for your whole life… why a 12 month expiration date?  The only thing that lasts longer than fingerprints is Twinkies.

Larisa’s Jr. High Graduation:  It’s THIS Sunday, and I still need to make her beautiful red strapless dress a conservative Christian strapped dress.  She informed me this morning as she stood shoulders bare on the living room coffee table that she wants the gown floor length.  That really limits my fabric availability to make G-rated straps.  What to do? 

Anniversary Celebration:  Rick and I actually got away to a resort for 3 days without children, cell phones or business talk.  Day two as we lounged by the pool, he leans up on his elbow, blocks my sun and says, “We need to hire someone to do email blitzing for your book.”  I spoke a little too harshly with my “WE ARE NOT TALKING BUSINESS THIS WEEKEND!” as was noted by surrounding looks on sunbathing faces.  But it worked.  He laid his natural-born-tanned-self down and with a sigh, conceded, “Shot down.”  I added, “In a blaze of glory.” 

Boys:  Need I say more?  I thought these two little wiry guys were leaders among their peers.  Well, in our absence, the leadership qualities turned to the dark side.  I just returned from one of our pastor’s homes where the boys had thrown dirt clods and rocks into their pool.  It is not heated.  heh heh heh.  Aus and Keeve had to dive over and over and over to get all the stones out.  I won’t even comment on their cannonball behavior at another community pool.  Sheesh.

Bags for Zaza:  See previous post.  Amazingly, 8 of 9 bags sold in 48 hours.  Way to go Auntie Jennie!  I’m feeling the pull of the Singer.  Me and my chenille might meet up after June 14th.