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Ghetto Circuit Training

March 27, 2008


Yesterday we started the new Crosby Fitness Program, otherwise known as “Just shoot me now.”  On the clearly displayed, nice muscly picture above…. if the muscle changes color… that means it is hurting on my body right now.  This program is designed to impress those with an activity level of a snail, couch potato or lamp post.  You pick, if this applies to you.

In our loft we have an elliptical machine, so that became the work-out room of choice.  There is also an overstuffed reading chair and a cushy loveseat, but those are to be avoided during the allocated regime times unless used to hold your feet for crunches.  Close by and handy is the staircase.  Not that I don’t go up and down enough already…..   We also introduced into the mix some dumb-bells…. in ever increasing weights of 1,2 and 10 pound varieties.

So we have five stations: legs, arms, cardio, abs and the death climb, where you run the stairs.  This is so ghetto it cracks me up.  Rocky Balboa worked out in slums nicer than this.  Anyway, we do 2 minutes at each station and rest and drink water in between.  We do the whole thing twice around, and can I just say, I’m out of shape.  Getting down to lie on the floor for ab exertion should count for something, but it doesn’t.   However, I do count getting back up as part of a leg work out. 

I’m wondering why I need to work muscles that only hurt when I work them?  I obviously don’t use them for daily tasks, or they wouldn’t be aching.  Why do they need to be worked? I breathe in and the area where other people’s six-pack is hurts.  I lift my arms to dry my hair and my arms cry out.  And let me just say, I’ve been asking the kids to run up the stairs if I need something that is still there after I have descended once for the day.

Family togetherness is a beautiful thing.  Sweaty, whiny, flabby and beautiful.