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November 3rd has Come and Gone {sigh}

November 3, 2009

If you have followed our eternal adoption saga, you know that I’m a tad sad today.  November 3rd is the last day of the year 2009 that a referral call can be received from Bogota… and your child can be home by Christmas.  Our call did not come today.  This will be Christmas #3 without our baby girl looking wide-eyed at her first glistening Christmas tree, or having a family to gather with and sing carols in a strange language, or making Sugar cookies in the shapes of stars, candy canes and snowmen with sprinkles.  I don’t know if I can stand to put the baby ornaments on the tree this year.

When I think of the life Zaza is most likely living right now… down in Colombia… it makes my heart sad.  We pray for her every single day to be cared for, warm, fed and loved.  I know it will be the shock of her life to leave all that is familiar to her… food, weather, friends, home, caretakers, clothes, smells, Spanish, songs and games.  I’m glad that we stay in Colombia for a month to get used to each other in her surroundings.  But I honestly cannot wait to shower her in love and kisses.  To bring her to her own home and show Zaza her darling yellow room with the purple bed.  Her very own room!  With butterflies, dragonflies, flowers and the sun painted in bright colors and glitter dancing around the tops of her walls.  Her own curvy mirror to look in, comb her black hair that is just like her daddy’s and admire her beautiful clothes.  I can’t wait to hear squealing in our home again, high-pitched laughter and giggling.  We haven’t had princess tea parties in many years around here.  And dancing.  Yes, we will dance with Zaza.

We started a unit with the boys today on patience and plant growth.  As I read the definition “patience is waiting without complaining” I realized why God planned for us to start the unit today… Nov. 3rd.   I plan my homeschool year in early June, when I wasn’t aware of the Nov. 3rd cut off date.  And of course it would be patience out of all the character traits that it could be.  HE knew!  So we planted grass and flowers and herbs and vegetables today.  Of course I thought of doing all this with Zaza by my side making a mess next year.  I pray she loves gardening even half as much as I do.  We’ll have great fun together with the dirt, water, seeds and rocks.  I’ve been eyeing the little gardening gloves, rubber boots and color coordinated kid-sized garden tools at JoAnns.  I LOVE those!  A must have.

The courts in Bogota are closed from Dec. 15 to Jan. 15th, so there will be no action at all until after that. {sigh} The good news of Nov. 3rd being over is that the holidays are spent focussing on the family that is here, the few years we have left together, and making memories that will last. 

Seed Is a Promise

I read the book A Seed is a Promise today…. and it is, whether it is an actual plant seed, or the seed of a child born in your heart.  It is a promise.  A promise that will come true… if we have patience (and wait without complaining!)

Awesome Flowers!!!!

March 25, 2009

Oh, you have to go see my sister’s photos of her springtime flowers up in the great Northwest.  Makes me unlove the cactus growing at my house in the desert.

So absolutely beautiful.  Makes me green with envy.  Congratulations on your green thumb, Christy.

Holy Buried Sock, Batman!

October 29, 2008

My sweet husband helped some friends move and they graciously sent him a gift card for Lowe’s…. AND HE GAVE IT TO ME!   Better even still…. for FLOWERS!  Whooooo HOooooo.  I have the sweetest husband.  (Side note: Rick is leaving for 5 days for Flight Safety next week, not by his choice, but still, it’s the busiest week of the kids’ lives with someone needing to be driven somewhere every single day… multiple times….. HENCE the kind flower gesture. Sort of a peace offering.)

I spent 60% of the money on lasting flowers and 40% on winter flowers… we live in Arizona, in case you are confused about winter flowers…. they are most likely YOUR summer flowers(marigolds, lobelia, sweet William, pansies, allysum, petunias, etc.)   I’ve been impatiently waiting for cooler temperatures… which still aren’t arriving.  It is about 85* F and it’s NOON, for goodness sake…. three days before NOVEMBER.  Alas, I could wait no longer with the gift card burning a hole in my pocket.

So the photo above is a round flower spot that has been empty dirt all summer. So I was visualizing a colorful array of blooms, and then I threw in some height with the purple grass and found my bird feeder and assigned bird-food-duty to my youngest son.  BUT, before all that happened, I was turning the soil in all my dirt patches around the yard and in this particular spot I dug up four socks.  Perfectly good socks.  Socks that all belonged to my youngest son, bird-food-boy.  Socks that he took off to jump on the trampoline.  Socks that our dog found neglected in the backyard… and so the DOG put them away.  If only my children were trained so well.  But no.

The backyard is clean and tidy for the first time since April.  It’s wonderful to look out the kitchen window and see color again.  Blessed relief.  Here’s a few more peaks:

Below is fondly called the ketchup and mustard flower bed.

These don’t show up that great, but it is a pale pink hibiscus with trailing yellow vines hanging out of the bigger pot.  The small pot is dark purple pansies and royal blue lobelia, my all time favorite flower.

And last but not least, the Sweet William on the patio table.  We can finally eat outside again!  Yippeeee!  I love winter.

My Stellar Green Thumb

August 8, 2008

I just had to share my fabulous sunflowers from the backyard.  Why I think they’re so fabulous is because they are actually growing in the SUMMER in PHOENIX!  Only the strong and drought-resistant brave the hell-like temperatures here.  Behold, The Ochre Goddess tasting the morning light:

And her six inch tall sister, Sunny Delight:

Yellow is such a happy color.  Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to sunflowers.  Now, before you go on thinking I’m a stellar gardener…. I must confess to smoke and mirrors with my photography.  Here is the truth for all to see.  Not a blade of a bad weed is growing in my “flower bed” (term used loosely) under the palm tree.  Even the third flowerless sunflower plant is on the outside of the brick that borders the “flower bed.” These beauties seeded themselves and are growing in the rocky border of our yard. 

But hey, any flower is good in my books.  Please stop by in November when my real green thumb is a bit more evident. Oh, and here’s Lizzy, one of our family of lizards that eat the bugs in the yard.  She is hiding on the wall behind the oleander, but I spotted her.  Her scales are amazingly colorful… well, for a lizard in the Sonoran Desert.  Aren’t they supposed to blend in for safety?  There are teal scales above her arms and the yellow scales seem to be in perfect patterns like the horse moves in chess.  God is so cool.

Here are two other happy flower pictures from Bishop, California…. on our 15 hour drive to Tahoe.  The first, The Lone Giant

The second, A Bashful Hollyhock hiding from the afternoon Sun.

Garden Strong, my Friend.

?#8 from my Sister’s Jar – Smiles

March 4, 2008

april fools

“Don’t hate us because we’re beautiful!” ~ April Fool’s Day ’07

List ten things that make you smile. 

1.  A clean kitchen… especially after I’ve been away from the house and come home to a clean kitchen.  Ahhhhh.

2.  My kids laughing….. especially when it’s about something that is totally random.  I have etched in my mind a day when we had two guys come and trim our palm trees.  My two boys sat at the large, front window and burst into uncontrollable laughter with every palm frond that hit the ground.  Silly, but the memory still makes me smile.

3.  The movie line from Zorro when the woman is confessing that she has broken the fourth commandment, and Zorro, who’s hiding in the confessional replies, “You killed somebody?”  I don’t know why, but that is SO funny to our family.

4.  Deliciously stocked scrapbooking stores.  There is one in Mesa, Arizona to die for.  The paper room is larger than our master suite.  I think the name is Scrapbooks, Etc., but not positive.  It is the store where Heidi Swapp’s stock comes to from her manufacturer.  So EVERY blinging thing she created is there.  Excuse the drool.

5.  Reading funny stories.  Which is probably why I get a thrill out of writing funny stories, so others can smile.  I am reading Sound the Trumpet by Gilbert Morris currently set at the time of the Revolutionary War.  Larisa gave it to me for Valentine’s Day.  Anyway, I read a line last night that made me giggle out loud.  One of the characters is teasing a servant girl and she strikes him with her fist and says, “You — you blacksmith!”  He replies, “Blacksmith?  What kind of cussing is that? Maybe I better teach you something a bit stronger.”  O.K., it’s not quite as funny today.  Maybe I was tired last night.  :o)

6.  April Fool’s Day Memories.  For the fourth year in a row, I have been the victim of the April Fool’s Day Sink Sprayer Prank.  And 3 of the 4 years, I fell for it.  It started with Rick using a rubberband to hold down the trigger on the kitchen sink spray nozzle.  Then when the unsuspecting soul comes to turn on the water, they get sprayed.  The first year, I came into the kitchen and asked Rick, “Why is your shirt all wet?”  The kids were beside themselves with hilarity.  He set the trap and then fell into it.  However, the following 3 years, I have sprayed myself.  This last year, I walked into the kitchen and asked, “Why is there water all over the floor?” and then sprayed myself.  :o)  I then glanced over and noticed Larisa’s pjs were soaking wet too. 

7.  My husband doing the Bibleman dance.  He started this years ago…. to the soundtrack for the Bibleman show.  He turns backwards and puts his arms up in the air and shakes his booty incredibly fast.  I just laughed at the memory after I typed it. 

8.  Blooming flowers in my weedless yard.  Because of all the rain we’ve had, the weeds are, well, growing like weeds.  We have weeded about 70% of the way around the backyard.  But the colorful purple pansies, the royal blue lobelia, the yellow daisies and the hot pink Sweet William honestly make me smile.  God did good when he made flowers.

9.  Listening to my boys interact and play together…. at least when they’re being nice.  I think it is so cool that my boys are such close friends.  It was always our goal to have them fight back to back, defending each other, instead of face to face.  So far, so good.  They are so creative and I love hearing them make up stories or retell jokes.  They both appreciate humor.  They have a mental book being compiled of the 100 funniest things they have done.  Totally makes me smile.

10. When kids say the darndest things.  I always appreciate a good Mom story of something funny her kid said.  Kids are so imaginative and creative with their use of the English language!  When Larisa was 2 1/2 she was putting a puzzle together on the kitchen floor.  I noticed she was fitting a piece in the wrong place and I mentioned that it didn’t go there.  She hit it with her little fist and said, “Yep, it do.”

What makes you smile? 

?#3 from My Sister’s Jar – Grateful List

February 2, 2008

List 10 things you are grateful for.  Write the first 10 that come to mind.

1.  My crock pot.  I got it for Christmas probably 15 years ago from Dad and Mom Crosby – but I have gone through use/non-use phases.  I’m in a use phase currently.  Dinners done by 9 a.m. and the house smells scrumptious.

2.  Air-conditioning.  Hello?  We live in the desert… in Phoenix… the only place hotter is hell.  The inventor of a/c has a statue in the capital building.  Right on!

3.  Elastic.  Think where we would be without it!?!  Everything we wear “under” includes it.  It has magical qualities… like making a size 24 body into an 18.

4.  Taco Bell.  Where else can you get all of your daily caloric needs met in one meal for only $3.69?  It’s quick… it’s cheap… they have diet Pepsi.. and it’s Mexican.  Aaaahhhhh.  (Dined there yesterday.)

5.  Books…. really good books that take me away from the here and now… to the 1850s in a covered wagon with 1/2 naked Indians visiting… baking biscuits over the campfire… sharing them with the Indians.

6. Sales Racks.  There is something satisfyingly triumphant about buying $82 pants for $12.27.  It’s almost like you cheated the big guys somehow…. sweet victory!

7.  Rick Coming Home Every Night.  I look forward to his arrival every day… starting at about 9:30 a.m.  I look to the clock every other hour ’til his keys plop on the entry table.

8.  Laughter.  It truly does make you feel good.  I love laughing and making others enjoy a belly laugh.  Jill is really good at those.

9.  This Journal w/52 prompts. I haven’t written freely in years.  No spell check.  No grammar boo-boos.  Just me and the pen and pages waiting for an adventure.

10. Flowers.  I simply love them.  Vibrant colors.  Soothing aromas.  I love fresh-cut flowers on my kitchen table.  It just sings “a Martha Stewart lives here”….  (which is a good thing.)