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Superbowl Sunday

February 7, 2010

Not what you’re thinking.  I’ve been painting Zaza’s tea table and chairs since I got up this morning.  Holy Guacamole, this takes a long time!!!  I started a week ago!  I’ve done at least two coats of paint on every color…. five coats on yellow the infamous see-though color.  And I’ve gone back and touched up everywhere paint appeared in the incorrect places.  Whew.  I have to re-do the teeny white lines in between the pink and green squares under the table top… and THEN I’M READY!!!

Ready for what, you ask?… swirlies and roses and polka-dots and checkers and butterflies and more polka-dots.  I just can’t decide what to do! I’ve printed about 16 pages of pictures of painted table and chair sets, but I can’t decide.  I’m usually not this bad… but alas, the game is starting and we are off to a friend’s house to eat and sit in the jacuzzi and yes, I think there’s a football game on.  I’m not real big on the Superbowl.  I did watch last year when the Cardinals played… being the home team and all.  But the previous Superbowl game I watched was Superbowl XVII.  You figure it out!!!

Keeve, Keeve, Keeve!

November 17, 2009

This past week, instead of blogging, I’ve been trying to keep up with my youngest son, Keeve, who is in the midst of his birthday week (why do only one day?!?) as well as other star-studded events that have blocked me from blogging.  For his party he wanted green balloons, green streamers, a green table cloth… and to play football at the park with all his friends (including a 38-year-old friend who was the only person over 12 years old that made the list.)

(that’s Kenadee!)

The excitement continued on Saturday (I always want to yell HEY! after spelling Saturday… like the Bay City Rollers) when the Keevester threw FOUR touchdown passes for the Ravens…. the first football team he’s ever played on.  I even brought my camera to the right game!!!  Uncle Rob (he’s my brother) was coaching and his cousin Drew (who, incidentally, was born on the same exact day as Keeve!) is also on his team.

THEN, if being a sports star was not attention-getting enough, Keeve was the grand prize winner of a 50-50 draw from Austin’s hockey team.  No, we don’t support gambling, but we do support Austin’s hockey team and 50% of the Rickster’s hard-earned money was going directly to Aus’ team.  Totally not gambling.  So Rick told the kids he would buy them each two tickets, but if they won, they had to split the winnings with him.  I bought six tickets of my own, so I didn’t have to split Rick’s money with him.  It didn’t help.  Anyway, Keeve’s name was drawn and he got this colorful envelope congratulating him on being the team’s winner…. are you wondering how much it was??? 

We were at the rink about an hour before the draw and they counted just over $500.  We figured it would be $260 or so.  Nope, $371!  I can’t believe it either.  So, being the saving-maniac that he is, Rick ALWAYS has the kids save 40% of any money they make.  They each have large savings accounts, thanks to their father.  I, on the other hand, would gladly help them spend it on fun and exciting things that they probably didn’t need.  So after tithing, savings and paying back a minor loan to me, Keeve was itching to get to a store.  Today in Staples I was finding the correct printer ink and I glanced over and Keeve pulled $70 out of his pocket.  My eyes lit up!  I already know what I want for Christmas!  But no.  He had his eye on several Nerf guns at Walmart and other weapons of warfare….. a black and white checkered Ford Mustang seat-belt belt, green sunglasses and a body pillow.  The luxury items of an 11-year-old!

Tomorrow is his actual birthDAY… so we’re off to Krispy Kreme and then his cousin’s birthday party.

(I won a gallon of Alpenrose ice cream when I was 6!… winning runs in the family.)

One Weekend!

October 11, 2009

Seems I missed quite a few activities while I was away for four days!  Larisa and her father attended a Pride and Prejudice ball in Regency Era regalia.  Oh boy, did I miss out on preparations for this entertaining event.  Rick decided to escort his daughter the day before I was leaving town…. so I did nothing but give instructions over the phone.  I did call my sister, who is here nursing my mother, and gave suggestions and was much relieved that costumes and hair were in her capable hands. 

On Friday night I got a call from our youngest son, Keeve, half in distress.  He explained, “Mom, we’re in Walmart and dad is buying a shirt for himself from the girls department and the brand name is Miley Cyrus.”  I laughed.  He cut the ruffle off of the front and hot-glued it to his $3 Goodwill shirt and on the cuffs.  Actually, I think Christy may have done the gluing.

Then, don’t laugh, Rick wore my white cotton capris and tucked them into knee length socks that he bought also at Walmart.  He donned a dark dinner jacket and Larisa found some black and white checked fabric from my stash and Christy turned it into a cummerbund with some folds and safety pins. 

Larisa wore my mother’s 1978 Gunne Sax dress that I added blue ribbon to and Auntie Christy saved the day by curling and pinning up her hair.  I really do need to post some pictures for your viewing pleasure.  I’ll see if they have any available.  YES!!!

ALSO, Keeve starred in his first ever flag football game as the winning quarterback!  I can’t wait to go see him play next Saturday!  Three touchdown passes and 3 other passes for something else, because they don’t kick field goals.

ALSO AGAIN, Rick was given three GREAT tickets for the opening game of the Phoenix Coyotes… but it was the same night as the ball where he wore his wife’s white pants.  So Grandpa took the boys and they got free shirts and pompoms because it was a white-out at the game.  The Coyotes lost, but they had a great time…. eight rows from the glass!

Mom’s home.  Back to normal boring life!  hahahahaha

Happy Thanksgiving to Fellow Canadians!

October 13, 2008

One of the many blessings of being dual citizens in being thankful twice a year on Thanksgiving!  Yes, the second Monday in October is Canadian Thanksgiving and is celebrated much like here in the States…. even with football.  The turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie are not always eaten on the Monday, but can be consumed (followed by turkey-stuffed comas on the couch) on Saturday, Sunday or Monday.  We Americans are a bit picky about our hallowed Thursday for Turkey and the such.

We have much to be thankful for: our loving God, our family far and near, our home, our health, our church family and most of the members of my family would add hockey to that sentimental list.  So to the Canadians in the crowd, Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy the holiday and be thankful. :o).  If you need a movie suggestion, I’d recommend The Ultimate Gift.  There is even a touching Thanksgiving scene to bring us all back to reality.  It is a MUST WATCH!

I think we’ll have some turkey dogs to celebrate with our countymen.  Here Here!