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Handwriting 101

October 19, 2009

So, on the spur of a moment thought while driving north on I-17, I swerved across a lane of traffic to exit for Walmart.  Wally’s World… it solves so many of life’s daily issues…. and has the ambiance of the state fair for your viewing pleasure.  My main thought was “cabbage”…. because there are currently two heads of cabbage in the fridge which I keep purchasing because our family eats CCS  (Chinese Chicken Salad) at least once a week.  The dilemma:  no chicken has materialized at the Crosby home for at least three weeks.  Hence, the swerve and the W-Mart run. 

Larisa was with me as we bee-bopped into the friendly world of helpful souls clad in navy shirts and tan pants.  At the Crosby home, there is a magnetic list on the side of the fridge where needed and even wanted grocery items are listed for such a time as this.  Unfortunately, because this was not a premeditated trip, the magnets were still holding the list on said refrigerator. 

So, with my hot pink cell phone, I called home to have one of my sons (whom I taught to read) relay the list to me while I stood in the produce section of WM.  Keeve answered the phone.  He was my easiest non-reading pupil.  Somehow, he just naturally READ….. and I helped a bit.  There were only four items on the list… he slowly read, “lard, …. um… I can’t read that one…. um…. A-C-E-T-A-M-I….”  “Acetaminophen,” I interrupted his spelling bee recitation.  “OK, yeah…. top ramen…. Mom, I really can’t read the other one.”  Yes, I had written it myself.  I remember writing it… but I couldn’t remember what it was.  So I asked him to spell it.  “Um….. g…v…  your writing is really messy on this word.”  “Yeah, yeah, keep spelling, please.”   “OK, Um… g… v.. i…h..t…e..m.  That’s what it looks like, mom.”  

“Is Austin right there?  Can you please have him read it?” While he was locating his brother, I found a scratch piece of paper in my purse and wrote down GVIHTEM to try and figure out what it was that I had written so messily.  Larisa suggested, “Write it fast and then squint to read it.”  hahahaha  I did, but it didn’t help.  Aus came to save the day… well, sort of.  “Mom, I can’t read what you wrote.”  “Then please spell it, son.”   “OK, GVLTEM.”   “Thank you, see you later,” I replied.    I gave up at that point and went to find lard, pills and noodles.

I couldn’t wait to get home to read my messy handwriting.  Ok, I laughed… the word they spelled over and over was the FIRST word of a double word item on the list…. even if they couldn’t read the first word, the second word was CRACKERS!  And the first word started with a G…. graham crackers, of course!  And my writing wasn’t THAT bad.  I could read it.  Sheesh.

Two Little Piggies

October 12, 2009

I’m not sure which of my boys licked the pig first, but both Aus and Keeve are down with the Swine Flu.  Great!  Fevers.  No appetites. Coughing.  Headaches.   I made jello and smoothies.  I bought chicken-n-stars soup and Goldfish crackers.  All should be well soon.

On the brighter side of sickness, homeschooling is canceled for the week!  And the homeschool mother cannot quit smiling.  :o)   And we’re saving money by not having to feed the boys full meals.  AND there were $10 gift card coupons in the paper for EACH prescription filled!  Whoooo Hooooo $20!!!

We are quarantined for 5-10 days depending on their fevers.  I felt like the neglectful mother in the doctor’s office.  (Not the first time that has happened.)  He asked when the last Tylenol was administered.  Um, 8 hours ago.  And yes, both boys had fevers over 102.  Rick was left in charge for the afternoon …. but I should have checked on them when I got home.  We’ll do better from here on out.

So, can you say eBay?  I should be able to get ALL of the adoption media drive donations on eBay this week.  :o)  Another silver lining to the pink piggy cloud.

See you next week.  Don’t bother coming by the house.